The Ultimate Muscle Building Guide for Beginners [Infographic]


Do you want to start building muscles at home or in the gym? Congratulation for your decision! However, before running to the gym, I recommend you to check out the infographic below.

Muscle building is far more than going to the gym to do some exercises with machines or weights. Well, it is a rather complex sport that requires quite a lot of knowledge.

I’m sure you have friends who started lifting weights and finished it after a month or two because they saw no results or suffered from an injury. That may have happened because they did not have the required knowledge. Don’t be among those fool guys, learn the basics of the bodybuilding. And the following presentation will be your good friend.



Lets’ recap what you have learned

Pick a Program and Stick to It

Get a plan that includes full body compound exercises such as squat, deadlift and bench press. And stick to it. Do not care about what others say about split training. You are a beginner, so you should develop your strength and get used to the lifting weights. Compound moves are the best for that.

Check out the best workout routines for beginners here.

Don’t Train More Than 3 Times a Week

You are a freshman, and your body and mind need time to get used to the new type of stress. They need time to recover, so the next time you will have enough energy to do your routine. By lifting in the gym for hours each day, you just risk your health, and you will hardly see results.

Learn How to Do the Exercises Correctly

If you want to get results and avoid injuries, you should learn how to perform the moves correctly. If you do the exercises badly, they will not work your muscles as they should. Even worth you can quickly get a bad injury. Also, the bad performance will go so deep into your bod and mind that it will be hard to get rid of it.

Here you can learn the almost all the exercises.

Progressive Overload – Just a Little Bit More on Each Training

If you want to get bigger and stronger muscles, you should work your muscles a little bit more every time. That means an extra rep or a just slightly more heavy weight on the bar. You can also force your muscles to grow by increasing the speed of your workout.

Be Patient – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

I know it would be good to look like those guys on the magazines in no time, but most of them have been working out for years. So, keep lifting the weights and never give up. The results will come.

Eat Right – Give Your Body What It Needs to Grow

If you want to build muscles, you should give your body the fuel that it requires to develop in muscles. Protein is maybe the most essential nutrient, but we should not forget about the healthy fats and carbohydrates and of course the minerals and vitamins. Supplements can help, but try to get the nutrients from real sources first.

Here is an excellent guide to muscle building nutrition.

Rest to Recover

Did you know that your muscles do not grow when you train, but when you rest? So, give your body enough time to recover from the workout by having a good sleep.


I know it is not the longest post about how to start building muscles, but I’m sure now you know basics. So, you can make more research on the topic. I think the rule of muscle building is to eat and train well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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