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A year ago I decided to change my lifestyle drastically. I determined I would get rid of the fat covering my body, build bigger and stronger muscles, increase my cardiovascular system and develop my general health.

I jumped into this topic to study everything from the right ways to workout to pick the diet which is optimal for me. I have read tons of articles, read a lot of books and watched videos to learn everything I have to know to reach my goals. I implemented the things I learned and now I feel myself stronger, healthier and fitter than ever before.

During this time, I have usually bumped into the topic of natural healing foods. I got very interested in what sorts of things can help me to be healthier and which can support fat and weight loss.

Firstly, I commenced to eat meals which helped me to increase my metabolism since I wanted to reduce the body fat first. I was so surprised to see how efficient some foods and drinks are for fat burning. You can read more about the best natural metabolism booster foods here.

Then, I dug myself deeper into the topic of healthy foods. I found some herbs, vegetables, fruits and others which can cure naturally. Believe it or not there are hundreds of nutriments out there which can help to improve your health and cure.

In the infographics below I have collected the 7 things which I consume almost every day and they are proven to be the best natural healers by other researchers. So, this is my top list.



Below I have collected a few other resources about healing foods.

This is a presentation with details of the best super foods. You can find tips on how to use them and what are their benefits. Great collection!

University of Michigan Integrative Medicine

Anti-inflammatory foods

Foods that Heal and Foods that Kill

If you want to be healthy, it is not enough to consume the healthy nutrients, but it is as important to get rid of the ones which do your bad. The video below will show you which are those you need to have and the ones as well you must forget.

Do you want to know more about foods that heal?

There are several excellent books about this topic. I have read the following 2 which I recommend checking out. You will find everything you need to know about healthy foods in these books, as well as natural healing recipes.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Third Edition

Natural Healing Foods

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