Best Oblique Workouts and Exercises to Shape Your Side Abs

oblique workouts

One mistake of beginners is that they do not have oblique training. Most of the people concentrate on the most prominent abdominal muscle called Rectus Abdominus while they do their core training. This is the muscle which we work to have six-pack abs (with proper diet and cardio).

This is a mistake since side abs are essential for many movements, and without toned oblique, we cannot have an attractive stomach. For example, if you want to have V-shape abs without exercising this part of your stomach, you will never reach it.

Besides, strong oblique supports the lower back, so they help to avoid back pain. They are also necessary for proper posture and stability.

There are two types of oblique muscles: internal and external.

These muscles come from the ribcage to the pubic area. They are responsible for side bending and waist twisting movements. Therefore, we should use these movements to stimulate them.

Unfortunately, these sorts of bending and twisting exercises are not easy to be done correctly. Hence, it is critical to perform these movements by concentrating on your sides if you want to get good results from your training.

Anyway, there are various side workouts. You can do them with or without using equipment.

Below I have collected many workouts which will help you improve your oblique definition. Also, they help get rid of that fat around your waist and hips.

Best Oblique Exercises Without Equipment

5 Minute External Oblique Workout – For beginners


If you are a beginner, this is a good routine to start with. It takes about 5 minutes, and it includes some effective oblique muscle exercises such as hip twist from plank position, side planks, laying leg twist, knee to elbow from push up position and torso rotation.

Do this training 3-4 times a week.


9 Minute Obliques Workout at Home to Burn Belly Fat


If you have some extra fat on your stomach, you should get rid of that first to have visible ab muscles. To achieve a lean belly, you will need to do cardio such as aerobic, and you need to look after your nutrition intake.

This routine is a combination of useful oblique ab exercises and cardio activities. It takes about 10 minutes, and it helps to burn that stubborn belly fat as well. To get the best results, do 2-3 rounds at least 3 times a week.

You will need to do all the movements for 1 minute and do as many repetitions as you can. It includes the following side exercises.

  1. Jumping Twist
  2. Pilates Side Hip Raise
  3. Russian Twist
  4. Crossover Lunge
  5. Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raise
  6. Windshield Wipers
  7. High Knees
  8. Back Bow Crossover
  9. Crisscross Crunch


Ultimate Pilates Workout


Pilates is a great way to strengthen the core muscles. This program is primarily made to show you how to train obliques with various Pilates movements. Some of the moves are advanced but try to do as many as possible.


At Home Oblique Muscle Workout for Women


This routine includes a few floor and standing side abdominal exercises you can do at home. It is recommended for women, but it is also beneficial for men. Here are the activities that are included in the video.

  1. Standing Side to Side Abs Rock
  2. Standing Abs with Knee Lift
  3. Side Plank Hip Dip
  4. Side Plank Hip Dip Propped on Couch
  5. Elbow Crunches on the Floor


V- CUT Lower Abs & Side Ab Exercises


This video contains some abdominal calisthenics exercises, and you will need to a pull-up bar. As these external oblique exercises at home are rather hard, it is mainly for advanced trainers.

You will have to perform windshield wiper, side leg raising on the bar, leg raising from muscle up position. I do these exercises to strengthen my side muscles, and I have exceptional results. I think, this the best workout for strengthening oblique.


Intense 5 Minute Workout Routine


Need a fast training? Here is an intensive routine with some of the common exercises.

Oblique Exercises with Weights and Other Equipment

Side Raises Off Bench (Side Jackknife)


I have just found this video, and I have tried this training. It is hard but very efficient. Anyway, it is vital to do it accurately since it may cause injuries and it requires strong oblique.


Decline Sit Up on Bench with Oblique Twist


On the sit-up bench, I think the best oblique exercise is twisting. Watch the video below how to do it. You can make this exercise harder by using weight plates or a dumbbell. It is similar to plate twist.


Training Using Cable Machine


The cable machine is one of the best equipment to strengthen external oblique since we can increase or decrease the resistance easily. I think the best exercises are the wood chopper and crunch with cable, but there are several more. Watch the video below to learn them.


Oblique Side Bend with Dumbbell


You can also use dumbbells to train those side muscles, though you have to learn how to perform the motions correctly. My favorite exercise is the dumbbell side bends and Russian twist with weight.


Side Abs Exercises with Kettlebell

Last, but not least here are a few exercises which you can do using a kettlebell.



More oblique ab workouts

This is a killer routine to strengthen and burn the fat on your oblique.

side abs workout

And here is similar one.

oblique muscle workout

Finally, here is an side abs workout to get rid of love handles fast. Most of the moves are standing abdominal exercises which are great for burning belly fat. Learn what causes love handles here.

lose love handles


As you see, there are so many ways you can strengthen and tone internal and external oblique. Include some of these activities into your abdominal training routine and start building great looking side muscles. However, do not forget that strength training is not enough if you have belly fat. Focus on your diet and do cardio to burn it.