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perfect fitness ab carver pro

There is a lot of fitness equipment out there for abdominal training, but an ab wheel is undoubtedly among the most valuable ones. These small devices can strengthen and tone your entire midsection exceptionally by bodyweight exercises.

Among the rollers available today Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is unquestionably the best best ab wheel roller.


Because it comes with a unique technology that assists to perform effective abdominal workouts. Anyway, it has been created by the Navy Seal to provide more active core training for soldiers. If you have no time going to the gym or you have only a little space, then this equipment is one of the best choices for at home abs training.

Read on to find out why it is the best ab wheel available today.

How It Differs from Other Ab Wheels

carbon steel spring support

Kinetic engine

It has a powerful spring (kinetic engine) in which serves to perform the movements better. This so-called Kinetic Assist Engine assists you while you roll forward and backward. This encourages to do the movement accurately to work your abdomen efficiently.

The mentioned technology helps beginners to use it correctly, but this does not mean pros cannot enjoy the benefits of it. It has been designed to provide a powerful abs training for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

It has a wide wheel which can be angled. It is notable since we can make movements on the sides which are particularly beneficial to exercise obliques. Besides, this broad wheel makes it better than the other rollers since we do not have to fight to keep the balance. We can concentrate on getting the best resistance while we do the exercises. Also, this wheel works fine on carpets or hard floor so that it can be used almost everywhere.

Another significant feature of this ab roller is the uniquely designed grips on the sides. They are covered with rubber so we can grab it well. Besides, its shape is unusual as it is a bit waved. These two features serve to keep the balance while we roll in and out. You do not have to be afraid of falling off.


Additional features

It comes with a high density foam knee pads which makes the usage even more convenient. Personally, I always had pain in my knees while I was doing ab wheel exercises, but this pad is surprisingly soft.

This product is included with a guide with countless helpful suggestions for beginners and complete 21 day workout to begin with.

Ab roller pro benefits

  • Let us train the entire core very efficiently.
  • Besides the abdominal muscles, it trains arms, chest, tights, shoulders and the back.
  • Excellent solution for anybody.
  • Easy and comfortable to use because of the wide wheel and ergonomically designed handle.

Learn why the Ab Carver Workout is so beneficial by checking the video below.


How to use Ab Carver Pro

If you are a novice and you have not used an ab roller before, you need to start gradually. It is vital to warm up before your training, particularly your lower back. For the first 2-3 months, perform the roll in and roll out movement slowly and focus on the movement. A quick motion may result in lower back strain. As you feel you can control the moves better, you can increase the sets and the repetitions.

You need to concentrate on the quality instead of the quantity to get results. You have to keep your core muscles tight. This sort of abdominal exercise is about slow and controlled muscle contractions.

Here is a simple Ab Carver Pro Workout for beginners with the best best ab roller exercises.

workout chart

Ab carver pro workout routine


Does it support fat loss?

Well, a little bit, but the main purpose of the wheel is strength training. If you want to lose weight, it is better to focus on you diet and do cardio instead.


Ab Carver Pro is unquestionably one of the best fitness equipment to work the core and the entire upper body. It can be used anywhere and beneficial for anyone. It is compact and it works as it should. Although, it is a bit more expensive than the other ab wheels, it is worth the money.




If you do not think this equipment is for you, then check out Lifeline Power Wheel which  comes with toe/heel fasteners that allow even more types of exercises. This way you can use your lower body to perform the moves. All check out more ab roller reviews here.

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4 thoughts

  1. Bob McTighe

    Prior to using the Ab Carver I have always done a lot of sit-ups _ I average 300 to 400 sit-ups per day. I have been using the Ab Carver now for about 4 months I usually do sets of Oblique: 75 reps * 2 = 150 reps + sets of straight: 75 reps * 2 = 150 reps for a total of 300 reps.
    My question since I have been using the Ab Carver for the last 4 months the only muscles I feel engaging and tight are my shoulders and triceps.
    Also, I do a lot of weight lifting with dumbbells.
    So why is it that I only feel the Ab Carver targeting my Shoulders and Triceps?
    Maybe should re-name it to: Shoulder Carver or Tricep Carver…

    1. Walter

      Have you tried various positions while you use it? Going deeper, etc. Or maybe you are already have such a strong midsection that it needs more pressure. Have you tried using weighted vest?

  2. Emaudoh

    Can I order for Ab Carver from Nigeria. What other equipment can be used for stomach and pelvic floor toning for newly delivered mothers or women with weak pelvic floor muscles as a result of the child delivery. A concern right now in Nigeria

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