Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Abs

Do you travel a lot and you do not want to neglect your stomach training? Do you want to work out outdoors? Well, here some useful portable exercise equipment for abs.

I know, there are no equipment core exercises, but if you like me who loves using gear, then you will prefer these stuff. Actually, they are so compact that you can put them in your bag.

I recommend the following ab machines that work.

3 effective portable exercise equipment to train your abs

1. The Ab Wheel – The Winner!

woman using ab core machine

Even if it is a cheap and simple tool, the ab wheel or roller is one of the best devices to straighten our entire core. Small and easy to take everywhere. Although, you need a flat and smooth place to use it.

If you have not used it before, the rollout and in motion seems to be easy. However, it is tough almost a total body exercise that builds extreme core strength.

Let me explain why? Firstly, you are in an unstable state. On top of that, you have to roll it under your bodyweight. This way, all the core muscles have to work and cooperate for stability. Also, your chest, arms, and back are engaged to hold you your upper body. It improves your body balance effectively.

Hence, beginners may find it hard to use it first. I have an ab wheel progression guide here.

More benefits?

This abs workout machine is small and costs only a few bucks. I recommend the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver PRO because it is the most versatile and gives excellent core workout experience. But, cheaper fitness equipment will do as well.

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2. Ab Mat – For Better Sit Ups

abmat anatomy

The internet is full of articles about why sit up is terrible, and you should not do it. But, I do not agree with them. It is the best abdominal exercise if it is done correctly.

The AbMat is made to perform the sit-ups correctly and to get much better results from the exercise. When you put this abdominal trainer under your lumbar spine, it creates a perfect state for performing sit-ups. You can achieve the full range of motion which is a healthy and efficient way for abdominal muscles development. Furthermore, it supports your lower back.

This portable exercise equipment is also cheap and lightweight, easy to take anywhere.

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3. TRX – Full Body Workout Anywhere

The TRX is a very versatile and adjustable home exercise equipment that can be used anywhere. It is particularly beneficial equipment for core training. Here you can learn a lot of TRX exercises for abs.

You can fix the [easyazon_link keywords=”portable TRX” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]portable TRX[/easyazon_link] almost anywhere making it ideal gear to work out, for example in the garden or in a hotel room.


4. Portable Pull Up Dip Bar – Bodyweight Core Workout

portable pull up bar

I recommend this exercise machine for people who want to do bodyweight workouts anywhere. You can fix it to an upright or even on the trunk of a tree. These pull up bars heavy duty, lightweight, easy to use and portable. Though, a bit pricey.

Why is it useful for abs workout? Because you can do different hanging leg and knee raises that are beneficial exercises build six pack abs. But, the pull ups and chin ups themselves are great for core strength.

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5. Resistance bands

Finally, rubber bands which are also versatile and excellent equipment to add additional resistance to exercises. I use them a lot to achieve progressive overload.

You may see videos only using it for shoulder or arm workouts, but resistance bands are excellent for shaping your midsection as well. You can learn many resistance band ab exercises here.

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To conclude

I hope you find the most suitable portable exercise equipment for abs. Put it in your bag, and start shaping your midsection wherever you want. If you have any questions feel free to ask below or check out the best ab machines for home here.