Power Tower Exercises Guide to Create Your Workout

power tower exercises

Now I would like to show you what kinds of power tower exercises are there. You will see that this workout equipment is way more versatile than you think since there a lot of bodyweight exercises you can do to to have a total upper body workout. Thanks to these practices you can build serious functional strength and muscles at home without lifting any weight.

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Standard towers come with the following parts: push up, pull up, vertical knee raise and dip station.

I’m going to show you the exercises bases on these sections.

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Main Power Tower Exercises & Their Variations

1. With the push up station

This is generally for doing various push ups which are great bodyweight exercises to strengthen and build chest, shoulders, triceps and even your back.

Most of the machines comes with fixed bars, but there are a few which let you increase or decrease the level of the bars. It is really useful since you can raise or reduce the resistance.

Why using the push up station is better than doing simple ones on the floor?

Simply, because you can go deeper which stimulates the chest muscles better.

You can do the push up move harder by placing your weight to do sides, using a weighted vest or putting a chair under your feet to increase the difficulty. There are a lot of push up variations you can try to develop your strength or define your muscles.

From the following video you can learn many variations. Obviously, you cannot do each of them with the push up station, but you will get some great examples.

2. With the pull up station

This is may be the best part of a exercise tower which lets us perform a lot of activities. Mainly, it is used for chin up and pull up variations which moves are excellent for the back, biceps, forearms and shoulders. Plus, these movements are helpful to improve the strength of your grip.

From the following video you can learn many moves. Even though, they are presented on a traditional bar, most of them can be done with the tower as well. The pull up is the best power tower exercise in my opinion.

However, you can also perform a complete abdominal workout on it. The most important moves you can do are leg and vertical knee raises for lower and upper abs, or you can do windscreen wash to work your obliques. These moves are rather hard, but they are ultra efficient!

Here is another video with 25 types of exercises for strengthening the core.

3. With the dip station

Tricep dips are killer body weight moves to work you entire upper body. They work your chest, triceps and shoulders.

There are a few variations as well. For instance, if you lean forward a bit more, that movement works your chest muscles more. Also, you can place your weight to one side more, or you can use extra resistance with the help of a dumbbell or a weighted vest.

From the following video you can learn a few moves. Obviously, you cannot do each of them on the tower.


4. With the vertical leg/knee raise station

Thanks to this function you can also do vertical knee or leg raises. These moves are almost the same as the ones you can do on the pull up bar, but your back and forearm is supported, so it is comfortable to handle the motion and with that you can perform the exercises more correctly. Hence, they are better for beginners. But they are still very powerful moves to train your abs.

Also, there are many variations you can try to make your abdominal workout routine more versatile. Here is the guide to power tower core exercises.

A Simple Power Tower Workout Routine

Now let’s see a workout plan using only the workout tower and only your bodyweight.

This routine is not a split routine, which means you will work all body parts at one time. It is a pure full body workout.

The number of sets and repetitions depends on your fitness level. But try to do at least 3 sets. Some movements are harder while others are lighter so you will need to find out the number of reps yourself.

Here is a routine for beginners with 3 sets.

The exercises:

  • Push ups – minimum 10 reps.
  • Wide grip pull ups – minimum 5 reps
  • Dips – min. 5 reps
  • Reverse grip pull up – min. 5 reps
  • Body weight squat – min. 10 reps
  • Hanging knee raises – min. 10 reps

Rest maximum 2 min between the exercises.

Here is the video presentation.

As you get familiar with the moves, you will need to increase the reps and sets. You may also try to do activities for 30 seconds instead of counting the reps.


What are the pros and cons of bodyweight exercises with a power tower?


  • These exercises help to build functional strength, a power that is useful in everyday life or any sports.
  • These are natural moves that our muscle system is built for (muscle and joint-friendly).
  • Each of them is compound movements meaning more than one muscle is engaged. This way, they boost the strength of the body as a whole. For example, if you perform pull-ups, not just your back muscles are activated but also your arms, shoulders, and core.
  • There are many variations for different fitness level. For example, if simple chin-up is not enough anymore, you can switch to the single-arm version.
  • You can build a strong and muscular upper body without going to the gym.


Total beginners with no training background or overweight people may find it hard to get started with basic exercises. For instance, the pull up which is the most complex. However, there are many progressional exercises to get started, such as assisted pull up with rubber band or bodyweight rows in this case.

Can I build big muscle with only power tower exercises?

Well, there is a lot of factors that take place in muscle development from genes to the regime.

Your muscles grow because they have to adapt to the stress they get from the workout. And, the type of resistance, if it is your body weight or a weight lifting, is virtually not important. They grow if they get “new” force (more reps, sets, higher intensity, an advanced exercise, etc.). We called this training technique the progressive overload.

Hence, you can get big with calisthenics, but it has its limit, since, the time comes when your bodyweight will not be enough for adopting. Although, you can use additional resistance with the help of a weight vest, for example.

Although the workout is just one side of the coin, what is even more important is your nutrition. I mean, if you give the right nutrients for your body to grow.

Here is Adam Raw doing only calisthenics.

adam raw calisthenics

To conclude

As you see, the power tower fitness equipment is an all in one solution to do home workouts. If you have no time or money for a gym, but you want to develop your strength and build muscle, it is the best purchase you can make.

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