10 Best Power Towers for Home – Comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

A power tower is one of the best home fitness equipment you can buy because it works pretty much every muscle in the body. There are a lot of bodyweight exercises we can do to build strength and muscle. A pull-up and dip station can be the most beneficial piece of equipment for your home gym.

Check out the reviews and comparisons of the best power towers based on customer reviews, price, and the features they offer. All of these machines are safe and provide a great workout experience.

Over the last 20 years, I have used many pull-up towers, so I am aware of typical problems with these machines.

A quick rundown

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best OverallSportsroyals Power Tower

Sportsroyals Power Tower

  • With its 400 weight capacity, very stable base, and ergonomic design, we recommend this power tower for most people for home training.
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Best CheapWeider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

  • For the price, you get a rather decent power tower that will undoubtedly fulfill most users’ needs. Perfect for anyone under 300 pounds.
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Best compactStamina 1690

Stamina 1690

  • If you don’t have a lot of space or want to relocate the tower after your workout, this is a good choice. It’s light, durable, but doesn’t have VKR.
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What to consider when buying a power tower?

Weight capacity & Sturdiness

Weight capacity is an influential factor. These machines are usually rated at 250 lbs max capacity, which is suitable for most users. You can train safely even if you weigh 200 pounds.

If you are very fit, you could use additional weights. As an example, you want to do pull-ups while wearing weight plates. With a 200-pound person packing on 40 pounds, a 250-pound tower is not likely to be safe. It may wobble and fall.

Getting a power tower with a higher maximum capacity is better if you’re hefty or plan to perform weighted bodyweight exercises.

An average tower is fine for people of average weight and fitness level.


You cannot focus on your training with tilting and moving exercise towers. They are also dangerous.

In general, units with more extended and broader stabilizers are more stable, especially horn-shaped ones. They should also be heavier. It’s even better if the power tower has suction cups since they stop the movements and provide better balance.

If you buy online, you can’t try it, so it’s crucial to read the customer reviews.

Uneven ground can also cause wobbling. If so, put a rubber gym mat under it. You can also fix it to the ground with bolts, so there won’t be any shaking.


In every dimension, a power tower requires a lot of workout space.

Make sure the ceiling is high enough for pull-ups and chin-ups. Since you have your head above the pull-up bar, you’ll need a little extra space above it. I recommend 20-30 inches.

When you do knee raises or push-ups, you need space around the tower. At the back and front, you need at least 5 feet.

A typical power tower is 80 inches tall, ideal for a person of average height. There is a high pull-up bar option if you are tall, but the maximum I saw was 85 inches. In general, most people should bend their knees when doing pull-ups, unless they are very short. Power towers with adjustable height levels can solve this problem.


Well, I put this factor on the list, because there are products that are hard to assemble because of missing bolts, washers, or other harder. Some equipment comes with badly-designed parts.

Hence, it is crucial to check out the customer reviews for the delivery. If there are a lot of problems, it is better not to purchase that power tower workout station.

Tip: Tighten the bolts after the assembly. This way the tower will be more stable.

Price & Warranty

A long guarantee is a good sign that the product is durable. Look for the frame warranty since that is the most important. If it is around 5 years that is a good buy (some brands provide such a long term). For the upholstery, the warranty is usually about a year, but you can replace them.

I regularly check out the prices both online and offline, and the best deals are on Amazon. Almost always you get free shipping as well.

Best Power Tower Reviews

How I picked the models

My analysis examined weight capacity, adjustability, design, dimensions, and cushioning as the most critical features of power towers. To get an effective and safe upper-body workout at home, all of these factors need to be considered. Online reviews and the price of a machine should also be considered.

Top Pick

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower

  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable pull up bar from 64.56″ to 88.18″
  • Backrest adjustable in 7 positions
  • Footprint: 40” by 33”

There’s no doubt that it is a very stable piece of equipment, so you can do a wide range of exercises with it safely and effectively. It is made of durable materials and provides an excellent workout experience.

Any commercial or home gym should have a Sports Royals power tower. The frame is 14 gauge heavy steel, so it lasts a long time. The weight capacity is 400 lbs.

Due to its special features, the Sportsroyals power tower is extremely stable. This tower has a 39.7” long base with an H-shape. More loading points are provided by the wide base for stability. The extended steel forms eight support points, which provides double stability and increases the contact area.

In order to ensure maximum comfort, it has been designed in an ergonomic manner. This dip station has a humanized design with elbow pads that prevent the elbow from slipping off. The angled armrests are slightly tilted to the inside by 10 degrees to keep it in place.

Due to its adjustable height option, it is suitable for users of all heights. Fitting all fitness needs, the pull-up bar can be adjusted from 64.56″ to 88.18″. There are seven ways to adjust the padded backrest.

stability features of SPortsroyals power tower
Stability features


  • Adjustable backrest with 7 settings.
  • It is solid and durable.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • It can support 400 pounds maximum.
  • The solid steel frame is made from 14 gauge heavy steel.
  • Ergonomic armrests.
  • Station for pull-ups that can be adjusted.


  • Construction descriptions have too small images.
  • The pull-up bar cannot be adjusted very easily.

Best Affordable

2. Weider Power Tower

  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 53.15 x 43.31
  • With 30-day iFIT membership
  • 90-days warranty

For the price, you get a rather high-quality affordable power tower that will undoubtedly serve an average user’s needs. It works well for anyone under 300 lbs.

Weider has its name in the field gym machines. They made high-quality products, and that goes for this power tower. Even if it is an affordable option, people like it for its stability and robust design. It comes with the typical workout stations and the thickly padded back, and padded hand grips make it comfortable to use.

However, assembly is not an easy task. Many customers complain that the instructions are not clear and with that, after the assembly, the Weider power tower wobbles. On the other hand, some techie guys have shared great tips on how to put it together to avoid bad construction.

Also, a few buyers found the packaging of the Weider power tower pretty bad and complain about missing parts, but they get them after getting in touch with the support fast.

Weider pull up tower using woman


  • Very well-built and solid structure.
  • Comfortable and durable cushion.
  • Great value for a well-made power tower.
  • Stable design.
  • 57L x 41W x 84H inches (94 pounds).
  • It can be used up to 300 lb.


  • Some customers found it a bit too big for a small flat.
  • A few complaints about missing parts and packaging.
  • Unclear assembly instructions.

Fitness Reality

3. Fitness Reality High Capacity Pull Up Dip Station

  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 63.4 x 49
  • Multi-grip pull up bar
  • Great for advanced calisthenics
  • Warranty: 10 years frame

I recommend Fitness Reality to anyone who is looking for robust home gym equipment for advanced-level workouts. This is a commercial power tower that will give you value for your money.

It allows you to perform a very wide variety of workouts, all on the same machine. Do your single knee squats, incline pushups, vertical knee raises, hammer pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, assisted triceps dips, and progressive pull-ups. It, therefore, gives you a complete workout, helping you burn extra calories, lose weight, and increase muscle mass. In my opinion, it is the best power tower on this list.

This home pull-up station handles a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, higher than most equipment can. This makes it a great pull-up dip tower for a wide range of people. It is a commercial-grade pull-up dip station.

man doing chin with pull up tower


  • It is extremely heavy duty.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • It is very sturdy once assembled.
  • It offers a huge variety of exercises.
  • Multi-grip pull-up bars.
  • Ergonomic design
  • 400 lbs weight limit
  • 7 positions for the dip handles
  • Step support on its mainframe
  • The base can be bolted to the floor
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • It is quite a costly piece of equipment. However, it is well worth the investment as it is capable of giving you an advanced workout, better than most of the gear in the gym. There will be no need for a gym subscription after acquiring a pull-up/dip/leg raise machine, and it will mean a big deal of savings for you in the long run.

This pull-up dip station has received a lot of positive critiques from customers right from assembly to the workouts. It allows you to perform a very wide range of exercises, giving you real value for your money.

Most Adjustable

4. BangTong&Li Workout Tower

  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 39” D x 26.5” W
  • Adjustable from 74.8 inches to 82.68
  • With a monkey bar
  • Warranty: 1 year

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a power tower with an adjustable pull-up bar and backrest. Users of any height can adjust this machine. The machine is also very stable and safe.

Its steel structure and high-density rubber handles make it one of the best power towers on the market. Because the machine is made from a 4mm thick high-quality steel pipe, the maximum weight limit is 330 pounds. Additionally, it has a safety lock nut technology that makes the tower strong.

This pull-up bar features 6 levels of height adjustments, with a height-adjustable range of 74.88 to 82.68′. The legs can be fully extended. That means shorter and taller people can use it comfortably making it a suitable choice for the whole family.

Premium PU leather arm and back cushions for a comfortable seating experience. The device allows users to exercise comfortably and fully concentrate without stressing their bodies. Hand fatigue can be minimized by foam grips, padding on the back, and padded armrests.

You will be able to tone your arms, shoulders, and chest with this all-in-one equipment. With so many exercises you can do on this machine, this adjustable power tower makes the perfect addition to any home gym.

BangTong&Li Power Tower specifications


  • Safety screws and a heavy-duty steel frame make it a durable power tower option.
  • Easily assembled parts. Detailed instructions included.
  • Good customer service.
  • Elbow protection and backrest are adjustable at the leg raise station.
  • Pull-up bar height is adjustable to six different levels.


  • People with big hands may find the dip handlebars thin a bit.
  • The logo is ugly.

For Small Spaces
Stamina 1690

5. Stamina 1690

  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 49 x 42.5
  • Pull up bar height: 81 inches
  • Without VKR
  • Warranty: 5 year on frame

This small power tower gets a lot of positive reviews. This is mainly because it is rather inexpensive, but provides great possibilities to have efficient bodyweight workouts at home.

Are you on a budget or searching for a tower that does not need so much space? If that is the case, Stamina 1690 is the product for you.

Compared to other models here it is not as robust and feature-rich. For example, the limit is just 250 lbs, and it does not come with adjustable dip handles. But for the cost, you will get an item that is perfect for doing the most beneficial bodyweight exercises. Many customers use it in small flats.

The manufacturer tried to put as many functions as possible into this compact power tower, and most of them work pretty well. The only feature I would not suggest using is the sit-up section. Stamina 1690 is too light for that, and it may fall on you. But you can put some weight on the frame base of it to avoid that.

Stamina Power Tower specifications


  • The Stamina power tower takes a small place, optimal for smaller rooms.
  • Lightweight, but sturdy.
  • Non-slip end caps.
  • Comfortable, secure, foam hand grips
  • Made in the USA
  • 50 x 81.5 x 41.5 inches (W x H x D); weighs 54 pounds


  • Taller and heavier users complain about wobbling.
  • A few complaints about that there is not enough room for pull-ups.

Customers like it for its lightweight structure and compact size. Hence, they can quickly move it around and store it after working out.

Most versatile
Stamina X Fortress

6. Stamina X Fortress

  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 57 x 48.5
  • With plyobox and advanced pull up sections
  • Warranty: 3 years on frame

The X fortress workout tower is multifunctional home gym equipment that provides a little bit more functions to exercise. It is suitable for upper and lower body training as well. Perfect for improving overall muscle strength with strong steel construction.

Let’s see the posts.

The pull-up station has two external foam handles to perform wide-grip pull-ups and two inner handlebars. Unfortunately, the internal handles are only parallel so you cannot do close grip pull or chin-ups. Just the hammer version. However, the tower is equipped with rock climbing grips and ball grips which I have never seen on any other fitness power towers. These attachments are handy to have more challenging and versatile bodyweight training. And, such shapes will boost the power of your grips for sure. The rock climbing handholds are at the end of the vertical bars. The balls are attached to the inner grips of the pull-up station.

Plyometric training station. This is a very useful section to add plyo exercises to your workout routine that helps to burn fat and develops explosive power and endurance. The plyo box is on a sturdy frame and has a non-slip surface. It is also adjustable in 7 exercise positions from 16-24 inches. A standard box is higher than those levels but still gives functional exercises for your lower body.

Types of power tower exercises

The dip bars are adjustable in 7 positions and have foam padded grips at the end. The adjustability makes it an excellent choice for newcomers since they can do feet-assisted progressive exercises for dips.

The vertical knee raise station is simpler than usual. Firstly, there is no backrest, just foam rollers between the two upright bars for back support. Also, there is no elbow padding. Hence, performing vertical knee lifts is not as comfortable and requires more control. (But, with that many other stabilizer muscles are activated as well.)

A beneficial attachment is the ab straps for a more convenient and versatile core training. The bands help to control the motions and focus on the midsection by avoiding swinging.

To conclude, Stamina X Fortress is a high-end multifunctional power tower that provides a total body workout because of the extra attachments.

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For short people
BowFlex BodyTower

7. BowFlex BodyTower

  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 50″ L x 50″ W
  • Adjustable dip bars and sling straps
  • Pull up height 77 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years on frame

In my opinion, this is the best power tower for beginners or shorter individuals since it comes with useful extras, although it is more pricey than the others.

This tower is at a higher price range because it comes with several extra features for extra stability, better training, and more exercise.

Firstly, the BowFlex BodyTower is an adjustable-height power tower. It comes with EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that mean you can lower or put higher the dip bars. This way you can do more types of exercises such as decline pushups. Or, this function might be useful if you are a beginner and you cannot do full motion dips or leg/knee lifts.

Another very useful extra for beginners that this Bowflex Tower comes with are the sling traps. Sling traps are useful to keep the correct form while you do leg lifts or knee raises protecting you from moving forward and backward. Hence, you can focus more on the exercise itself. Also, you can do supine rowing which is an excellent starter bodyweight back exercise.

Most of the users found it stable. The reason is that it is made from a commercial-grade steel mainframe.

However, it should be slightly taller, I think. The height is just 77 inches (195 cm), so for tall guys like me, it is not the best pull-up tower option.


  • Adjustable horizontal bars let us do more types of exercises.
  • Since it comes with more functions we can use it for more kinds of workouts.
  • Sling straps are very useful accessories for beginners.
  • Sturdy structure made from the highest quality of materials.
  • Rubber-covered handles for safe usage.
  • Modern and compact design.
  • Dipping bars are comfortable to use.
  • Workout placard demonstrating many exercises.
  • L 53″ x W 50″ x H 77″, 120 pounds


  • A few buyers find the pull-up bar a bit low.
  • A few had problems with shipping.
  • No push-up handles.

With bar catches

8. K KiNGKANG Exercise Tower

  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 51.18 x 35.43
  • Adjustable pullup bar from 64.96”-92.52”H.
  • With barbell catches
  • Warranty: 1 year

In addition to bodyweight exercises, this multifunction power tower is also a barbell stand, so you can use it for barbell exercises. The structure is robust and stable.

Designed for your home gym, this power tower from K KiNGKANG is very durable and strong. In addition to this, it features a sturdy steel frame, and it comes with easy-to-install parts. With its angled base at the front and its off-the-ground structure, the tower has a greater sense of stability. It can accommodate users weighing up to 330 pounds.

Its goal is to provide the best possible experience for its users. A special back cushion and elbow pads protect your spine while exercising. Pull-ups, dips, bench presses, push-ups, and many other exercises can be done effectively on the tower.

For people of all heights, it has a height-adjustable function. You can adjust the height from 64.96″ to 68.92″ to 72.83″ to 76.77″ to 84.65″ to 92.52″.

If you have a home gym or a commercial gym, this power tower is a must-have. This product may be used outdoors, however, it should be kept away from harsh weather conditions like rain so that it does not rust.

barbell catches on uprights


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Accessories built into the tool kit.
  • Elbow pads and back cushions that are comfortable
  • Pull-up bar with adjustable height settings.
  • Curved base for extra stability.
  • Heavy-duty steel, capable of supporting 330 lbs.
  • Suitable for use as a barbell stand, a basic alternative to power racks. This way, we can do a variety of exercises for a full-body workout.
  • It can be used as an outdoor power tower.


  • The back pad is a bit close when doing pull-ups. It’s a problem for bigger people.
  • The chin-up bar moves a bit.

Tall design
Body Champ

9. Body Champ Space-Saving Pull Up Bar

  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Footprint: 42 x 43
  • Height: 87 inches
  • Budget option
  • Warranty: 1 year

If you look for a tall power tower Body Champ is might be the right choice for you. The height of this power tower is 85 inches (215 cm), so it is perfect for taller users. But, because of this, you can only use it comfortably in a high ceiling area. But, the footprint is not big.

The price is not bad, but you get what you pay for. Customers think the design should be much better. Also, they complain about missing parts, bad welding and bolting, and that the instructions are not clear. Hence, the dip bars jiggle, and it is not so stable.

Well, in my opinion, Body Champ power tower is better to invest in something better at a bit higher price. It is pretty annoying to work out with a wobbling tower.


  • Affordable price.
  • Slip-resistant foot grips.
  • Adjustable push-up bars for better chest workouts.
  • Padded back and arm cushions.
  • 42 x 43 x 85.8 inches ; 64 pounds


  • Some complaints about the dip bars are too wide.
  • There were a few shipping problems.
  • Design can be better.

power tower with workout becnh

10. Towers with workout bench

Besides the typical features, this type comes with an adjustable workout bench so you can perform even more types of weight-lifting exercises. As you adjust the angle of the bench, you can obtain the best resistance for your workout.

The disadvantage is that this type of power tower is big, and you have to pay a little more for it. If you do not possess a workout bench yet and want to do more strength exercises, I recommend this.

We have a dedicated guide for this type.

Comparison of Models

What are the Power Tower Benefits?

  • With the power tower, you can do wide and narrow chin-ups and pull-ups for working the back, biceps, and forearm muscles. You can also do knee or leg raise or their variations to work not just your abdominal muscles but all core muscles. Thanks to its versatility you can train those pulling muscles of the upper body to imporve upper body strength.
  • The push-up station is great for doing various push-up exercises to work the chest muscles, but also train your triceps and shoulders. When you practice using the push-up handles at the base of the tower, your wrists will be protected and you will enjoy a longer range of motion.
  • The dip station is suitable for doing dips that are efficient moves for triceps, shoulder, and even your chest. It can also be used for doing ab workout such as vertical knee raise.
  • A workout station is extremely versatile exercise equipment to do bodyweight workouts at home. Did you know that bodyweight exercises burn more calories than the ones with weights? The reason is that they are compound moves, so many muscles work at the same time, and that needs more energy. On top of that, these exercises are safer as they are natural moves for the joints and muscles. You can find sample power tower workouts here.
  • Although a workout tower provides so many ways to exercise, it does not need so much workout space. Hence, they are execellent pieces of equipment for those who have not so much place at home.
  • Affordable strength training equipment for an upper body workout routine. The basic models cost around $100 – 150. If you wanted to buy weight plates, dumbbells, a barbell, a bench, etc., you would have to pay far more.

A few examples of fitness gear power tower exercises.

Are there any disadvantages?

  • One disadvantage is that you cannot do leg workouts with it. Although, you can do prisoner or single-leg squats or buy a pair of dumbbells that allow doing various leg exercises. There are many body weight moves for leg muscles.
  • Lighter models wobble a bit.


How to get rid of the wobbling?

In case you place your power tower fitness station onto a platform that is not smooth or flat, you should use gym mats. They are useful for many reasons. They help to protect the floor and keep the power tower in its place while using it. But, in most cases, wobbling comes from the bad assembly. So, pay attention to the guidance.

Can I use a workout station for muscle-ups?

Well, I do not suggest you use a traditional tower for that purpose, at least it is fixed to the ground.

If you follow the guide above, I’m sure you will buy a power tower which is the most suitable for you and provides a good user experience. If you still have questions, feel free to ask below.

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