Powerline PAB21X Ab Crunch Machine Review

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Many people do not like doing ab crunches on the floor because it strains their lower back and neck. Other people need weights to use while they do crunches which is also not the best solution. If you have the mentioned problems, this ab crunch machine is a great solution for you.

Powerline PAB21X ab machine the best rated product of this kind. People like it because it has a special design which supports a full range of motion. The resistance can be set, and maximal abdominal contraction can be achieved which is crucial for effective core training. It helps you to strengthen your entire midsection efficiently.

Home Ab Crunch Machine


  • It comes with unique curved back pad which puts the user into a position which helps to achieve intensive muscle contraction. This way the exercise motion is between 30° back and 30° forward.
  • It also comes with extra wide bench which is covered with comfortable and durable durafirm material. The bench supports your body so it will be kept in a proper posture.
  • It comes with 2 x 3″ steel mainstream contraction making this machine stable.
  • You can use it is not only for doing abdominal exercises but also for triceps workout, as well.
  • It is included with chrome weight carriage. You can use Olympic and standard plates with it.
  • 10 years guaranty.

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Powerline PAB21X Ab Crunch Machine Benefits

Because of the structure of this ab machine you can feel the full range of motion which is essential to train abdominal muscles efficiently. It will train your whole core such as lower and upper abs and your obliques. You can achieve great stomach strength with it.

Because it has a curved back pad, abdominal contraction will be more intense, but at the same time it stretches the muscles. The back rest is adjustable, as well.

You can easily set the resistance by using lighter or heavier plates, so it is a suitable machine for beginners as well as experienced trainers.

The people who use this machine do not complain about any strains even if they use it with heavy weights.

Additionally, you can use it to train your tricepses.

Powerline PAB21X Ab Bench

Unique Design for effective Core Training


Some Complaints on this Abdominal Crunch Machine

Few people complain about that they feel the structure is not stable enough while they do exercises.

In addition, some more advanced trainers do look like that they cannot put a lot of weights on it because the carriage does not let them.

A few people do not find the triceps function useful as they find hard to concentrate on the movement.

Some Tips

I think, this abdominal machine can be a perfect solution to train the core muscles, but additional abs exercises are suggested. I recommend using this machine with other exercises to get the best results.

Moreover, if you don’t follow the proper diet, do not think that it will do magic.

Here is how to use it.


Overall, if you are searching for and easy-to-use, yet effective ab machine that you can use at home, Powerline PAB21X is a great solution for that. It comes with an affordable price, and it is suitable for anybody from beginners to advanced users. You can get more info here.

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