Resistance Band Ab Workouts with the Best Exercises

how to use resistance bands for abs

I usually search for new techniques to train my body, and that is how I stumbled upon resistance band ab exercises. This simple fitness equipment can be used in several ways, and we can enhance traditional core exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, or others with it.

The best is that this tool helps not only to strengthen ab muscles but also supports the belly fat burning process since we can perform intensive workouts.

There are many benefits of using it to work out.

  • It is suitable for different fitness levels. If you are a beginner, use a light loop. If you are at a higher fitness level, get a strong one for additional resistance.
  • Cheap piece of equipment that costs only a few bucks, but very versatile.
  • It can be used with the most popular exercises to strengthen your lower and upper body. For example, you can do bodyweight squats with it.
  • It can be combined with other fitness devices. For example, you can attach it to a power tower for assisted pull-ups.
  • We can perform efficient workouts since resistance grows progressively.
  • You can use it to substitute gym equipment like cable crossover. Hence, you can perform cable type exercises such as kneeling ab crunch.
  • It also helps to improve your health, flexibility, speed, and we can do a full range of motion, which leads to healthier and stronger muscles.

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Below you can learn the best ab exercises with resistance bands.

Resistance band ab workout

Here I collected some Youtube videos and downloadable plans that I found to be the most effective.

1. Killer 6 Pack Abs Workout at Home

In this video, you can learn a few exceptionally efficient moves to work your entire core, these are band crunch, oblique twists, and pull-ins. Do 3-5 sets with 8-10 reps depending on your level.

2. Resistance band core exercises

This guy shows some more pretty useful moves. The jackknife is extraordinarily powerful. A core training means you work not just your abs (rectus abdominis) but also your lower back, oblique and transversus abdominis. Hence, it is a more complex routine.

3. Standing Ab Training with Bands

If you are a gym-goer, you may have already used the cable crossover machine for core training. With a band, you can do virtually the same moves. In this video, you can learn practical standing ab exercises with resistance bands.


4. Training to target your lower abs

And finally, here is a great routine form It includes more leg raise variations that target the lower part of the stomach. Hence, they help to build that V-cut shaped tummy.

resistance band core workout

5. Arm and Abs Routine

This workout is packed with various resistance band exercises for abs and arms. So, you hit two birds with one stone.

abs and arms workout


Will these workouts help to burn belly fat?

Well, to get rid of belly fat, you should focus on your diet instead. You should take in fewer calories than your body needs daily. Hence, it starts to burn body fat. Lower your body fat level is, the more visible your abdominal muscles are. So, switch to a healthy diet. You can speed up the process by doing calorie-burning cardio workouts as well.

Stomach exercises using resistance bands are suitable for gaining the ab muscles in size and strength. Since they are short moves, they do not burn many calories in a given time. But, they are perfect for getting toned with them.

How to use exercise bands effectively?

It is natural to focus on the pulling phase. However, you can enhance the effectiveness of the abdominal exercises by controlling the movement when you get back to starting position. Do let the band simple pull you back. This way, the muscles work in the opposite phase, as well.

If you want to learn more band exercises for complete full-body training, download this pdf.

As you see, the loop is excellent to change your ab training a little bit, and it helps to increase the intensity of your routines. Try the exercises and tell us how they worked for you.