How to Roman Chair Oblique Twist Exercise

The Roman chair oblique twist is an advanced core training exercise. It works all parts of the abs, plus your back and even your quadriceps. Since it is a hard compound move that requires firm core muscles, it is not recommended for beginners.

Also, you must be careful when performing it. A faulty movement and you may get an injury. So, spend time with warming up and complete the motion with a controlled and correct form.

But, since it is so tough, it is a very efficient core exercise that brings good results even if you do not so many reps, mainly if you want to target your obliques.

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Roman Chair Twist Tutorial

  • Sit on the pad of the chair and place your ankle between the rollers.
  • Than lean backward as if you were doing sit-ups.
  • When you lift your upper body turn to the sides.

It seems to be simple but needs a powerful core to control the motion.

Roman chair Oblique Twist
Sit ups with oblique twist on Roman Chair

Advanced version

If you are at a high fitness level, you can add extra resistance to the move by holding a weight plate or a dumbbell. But, use just a light weight first, and increase the load gradually.

Russian Twist on Roman Chair

This exercise is among the most Powerful Roman chair exercises to strengthen your core.


Roman twist vs Russian twist? What is the difference?

Evidently, the Roman version is harder to perform since you have to hold your body in the “air.” However, the leg holder helps a lot.