Best Roman Chairs & Hyperextension Benches

In this guide, I’m going to show you the best Roman chairs and hyperextension benches for home use. I listed the back extension machines based on their features, prices, pros/cons, and customer reviews. You will also learn about why they’re so beneficial workout equipment and what you should check out when you want to buy one. So, in the end, you know what’s the best item for you.

Best Buy Equipment

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Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench, Black
1,525 Read Reviews
Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench, Black
  • Set Up Dimensions: 64” L x 28.8” W x 35” H; 36”L x 8-12”W tapered bench with 2.5” thick medium density foam
  • 1 flat and 3 decline bench adjustments and 14 thigh support cushion height adjustments
  • Sweat and moisture resistant double stitched vinyl bench covering
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Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1
1,873 Read Reviews
Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1

  • Great quality for the price.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Max weight: 300 pounds

Roman Chair Reviews

1. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench – The Best Buy

Abdominal Hyper Back Extension Bench

My rating:

If you are searching for multipurpose and robust equipment, get this. It is going to be really useful home gym equipment. I think it is the best sit up/hyperextension bench combination now.



I put this equipment to the top of my list because Fitness Reality Multi Bench is multifunctional home fitness equipment. It can be used as a sit-up, hyperextension, and workout bench. Also, it has push-up and dip bars. This way, for one payment you will get a piece of equipment that can be used in so many ways. However, the cost is affordable.

The weight capacity is high, about 650 lb. This way if you have a power rack you can use it for doing chest press in flat or decline position. That limit is enough even for a pro athlete to perform heavy presses or other weight lifting exercises.

The board can be set to a flat position and 3 decline positions. So, you can find the height that suits best for your sit-ups.


  • High weight limit.
  • Can be adjusted well: 4 positions for the board and 14 adjustments for the thigh support for more comfortable 45-degree roman chair exercises.
  • The medium density 2.5 inches thick density foam on the hip pad provides convenient workout.
  • Moisture and sweat resistant.
  • Transportation wheels for easy mobility.
  • Versatile allowing you to perform more types of strength training exercises.


  • A few sellers complain about missing parts and bad package.

2. Body-Solid Back Extension Machine GHYP345 – Suitable for Tall People

commercial Degree Back Hyper Extension

My rating:

Robust structure and comfortable. If you are taller than average or a pro trainer, it is a good choice for you.



Sturdy and stable machine. The customers like this Body Solid roman chair machine because it is very comfortable to use and a highly-adjustable back hyperextension machine. Even suitable for larger guys as it doesn’t wobble at all.


  • In-use size: 36″H x 50″L x 26″W
  • Commercial 2″x3″ heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Extra-thick 3″ DuraFirm™ support foam pads



  • Hip pad height can be changed easily making it suitable for shorter and taller users.
  • The cushion for the hips is soft and comfy.
  • All the adjustments work well.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Suitable for home and commercial gyms.
  • Commercial grade so it can be used in gyms.
  • High weight capacity


  • Some people complain about that assembling was not easy.
  • Higher cost but excellent value.


3. Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair – Top Traditional Model

powerline roman chair back hyperextension

My rating:

The Powerline roman chair with classic design is perfect for even professional athletes.



A regular back extension machine with an adjustable footrest that lets you position yourself correctly while performing the exercise. Big and sturdy so PCH24X is perfect for even taller people. It has a 10-year warranty on the frame so we are talking about a heavy-duty model.


  • Sufficient double-stitched paddings.
  • Sturdy structure for safety.
  • Wide and long enough for everybody.
  • Adjustable height footrest.


  • Some athletes complain about that the handle bar should be a bit longer.


  • 2″ x 2″ heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Extra-wide base eliminates rocking
  • Electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • Assembled size: 36″H x 46″L x 25″W


4. Marcy Roman Chair JD-3.1 – The Best Buy Under $100

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension

My rating:

Affordable product but OK for home usage for people with average height and weight. However, it is not for advanced athletes, for instance, if you want to use extra weight.



This is a cheap hyperextension gym equipment with some minor problems. But this model is absolutely perfect for an average user to strengthen the lower back at home. However, it definitely not for pro users. Here is the detailed review of Marcy Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1.


  • Product size: 44 x 19 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 44.8 pounds
  • Electrostatically applied powder coat finish.


  • The ankle pads are adjustable and covered with foam.
  • Leather cushioned hip pad.
  • Wide and long enough for everybody.
  • Heavy-gauge steel-tubing powder-coated frame construction.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Hand grips for dips
  • Inexpensive


  • Some individuals find it hard to get on, and a few think the double-stitched padding not soft enough.


5. Stamina Ab/Hyper Pro – Good Choice for Women

Stamina Pro


My rating:

As it’s a hyperextension and sit up combo machine, Stamina is a useful purchase particularity for women.



Maybe the best buy as it can be used as a sit-up bench and as a hyperextension station. With the help of it, you will be able to train all parts of your core, glutes, and hamstring muscles. But, the maximum weight restriction is not so powerful. I think it is a considerable choice for women to train their core at home. Read our detailed info here.


  • Thickly stuffed hip pad for comfort.
  • Adjustable high support.
  • Comfortable foam roller pads that hold your feet safe while you do back extension or Roman chair sit-ups.
  • Adjustable footrest, backrest, and thigh support to accommodate height and training intensity.
  • Rubber frame caps for stability and to protect the floor.


  • Some taller users complain about it is too short for them.
  • Few levels of adjustments.
  • Low capacity.


  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 36″H x 46″L x 25″W


6. Stamina hyper bench red – CompactDesign

stamina hyper x

My rating:

For the price, it provides pretty good value. Good for people having a small space at home.



This is a rather new 45-degree hyperextension bench from Stamina which is versatile and fold-able for easy storage. If you have a lack of space to use and store a back exercise machine, it is a good choice for you since it has a small footprint. You can use it and store it even in a little room.


  • The hip pad is thickly padded for convenience.
  • Adjustable high support.
  • The leg holders are adjustable and non-slip for secure training.
  • Backrest with height settings for more efficient ab workouts.
  • Folding.


  • Few shorter customers complain about not being comfortable for them to use.


7. XMark XM-4429

XM-4429 xmark roman chair

My rating:

The special structure it has makes it extremely stable and the 10 level adjustment is really useful. Suitable for professional workout.



The Xmark roman chair has a very robust and sturdy structure and can be adjusted in several positions. the user experience is the same as gym quality machines have.


  • 14-gauge steel frame.
  • Features tricep dip hand grips.
  • Wide, horseshoe-shaped base for stability.
  • Comfortable hip pad.
  • 10 roller pad height adjustments.
  • Oversized foam roller pads.
  • Angled rubber grip handlebars.


  • Customers find it heavy, but I think that is a good point.


8. BodyCraft F670

45 degree back extension

My rating:

The most adjustable product among the mentioned ones and comes with lifetime guarantee. But it is rather expensive.



A highly-adjustable lower back equipment that can be set from flat to 45-degree angle position. Hence, F670 is perfect for any fitness level.


  • Lifetime home warranty
  • Ultra-thick and wide hip pad.
  • Fully adjustable height settings.
  • Included exercise guide.
  • 12 gauge steel construction.
  • No complaints.


  • Expensive.


  • Size: 51 x 24 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 62 pounds


Lower Back Machine Buying Guide

There is a wide variety of models (both 90 Degree and 45 Degree) out there with fewer or more functions and at different costs. Be careful since a poor quality model can be dangerous to use. Here are some tips for purchasing a chair.

  • Always read the customer reviews on the products (assembly, adjustability, user experience).
  • If it wobbles, forget it! You are not going to be able to focus on your exercising, plus it is dangerous.
  • It must be made from sturdy high-quality materials. If the product is heavy, that is a good sign.
  • It must be comfortable. The midsection and the footpads should be covered with a durable, thick foam or other materials.
  • It must be adjustable. It is important to perform the moves correctly and that is only possible if you can adjust the machine for your height.
  • Check the size of the model you want to purchase to know if you have enough space or not.
  • Check the length of the warranty.
  • Keep in mind that in most cases a cheap product will cost more in the long term.

The hyperextension benches compared and reviewed above are the most popular and top-rated models on Amazon, so you must be sure that you will buy a high-quality product.

What are the hyperextension bench benefits?

One of the best fitness equipment I have ever invested in was my Roman chair. I used to suffer from lower back pain since I sit too much and because I neglected to strengthen the posterior. The pain was so bad that sometimes I had to postpone my workouts, and it affected my lifestyle.

Then, I decided to go after what the solution is and after reading researches and asked experts I decided to buy one. After using it for a month (3 times a week, 3-4 sets of Roman chair hyperextension exercises with 10-20 reps), the pain in my posterior left off. On top of that because of the stronger lower back muscles, I became better performing weight lifting exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

It is a fact that having a strong posterior is crucial for proper posture. Therefore investing in equipment for lower back training at home is surely a good decision.

  • It lets you strengthen and tone your entire core (obliques, lower-back, rectus abdominis) leading to a healthy midsection to avoid injury.
  • By doing hypers, you can get rid of the lower back pain because of improved strength. (If you have chronic issues, consult your doctor before!)
  • It helps to strengthen and tone your hips and waist.
  • The hyperextension exercise is the most recommended way to strengthen the muscles around the spine. That leads to better posture and body balance.
  • Besides the core muscles, it works the glutes and hamstring, and other leg muscle groups, even your shoulders.
  • Some products come with a dip exercise section, so you can work your triceps and chest as well. Hence, they are useful for at home upper body workout programs.
  • You can perform roman chair ab exercises such as sit-ups, or even leg raises for lower abs. You can even increase or decrease the resistance since they are adjustable.
  • Not a big piece of equipment, there are even foldable versions. Hence, it can be even used in apartments.
  • Thanks to its versatility anyone in your family can use it.

What muscles does it work?

While roman chairs are mainly used for strengthening the lower back muscle, it engages several other muscles. For example, your glutes, hamstrings, and the muscles around your spine. The following picture is an excellent presentation to understand its advantages.

muscles worked


Overall, it is one of the most useful fitness equipment for having core exercises at home. You can learn more about Roman chair benefits here.

Do you need one? Is it for you?

It is for you if you:

  • Sit a lot every day. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for posture and weakens back muscles.
  • Lift heavy weights because of your job or working out.
  • Want to shape your abdominal muscles, waist, butt, and hamstrings.
  • Want to strengthen your core (abs, spine) to keep your posture and balance healthy.
  • Would like to improve your effectiveness in any sports.
  • Want to get rid of lower back pain because of weak muscles.
  • To shape your glutes and hamstrings.


Are the Roman chair hyperextensions for back pain safe?

If you do not have back problems yet, it is excellent prevention. If you already have, then it can help but always consult with your doctor before. If you have a serious back problem, it may do more harm than good.

How to use it correctly?

Haven’t you used back exercise machines before? For back health, the hyperextension exercise is the most beneficial. Learn how to use a roman chair correctly here.

What kind of other exercises I can do with it?

You can perform several other Roman chair exercises for abs as well. For instance, sit-ups, leg raises, or oblique moves. And if you want to boost the movement get a medicine ball or dumbbells for extra resistance. This way you can set up complete training to strengthen your entire core making it a very useful piece of gym equipment.

Can you show me a sample Roman chair workout routine?

Your aim should be to have a complete core training meaning you strengthen your back/spine, upper/lower abs, and your obliques. Depending on your fitness level do this plan 2-3 times a week.

  • 3-4 × 10-15 back extensions
  • 3-4 × 10-15 Roman chair twist or / side bends on hyperextension bench for your obliques
  • 3-4 × 10-15 leg raise for your lower abs
  • 3-4 ×10-15 sit-ups

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As you see there is a wide variety of chairs out there. What is the best? Fitness Reality is the one I prefer since it is the most versatile making it a good choice for a home gym. But if you are searching for something cheaper then Marcy is the best solution. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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