SportsRoyals Power Tower Review – Is it a good buy?

The Sportsroyals Power Tower solves three typical problems with pull-up dip stations: low weight capacity, wobbling, and non-adjustability. As I have used different towers throughout the years, I found most of them to have these problems. These problems are irritating when one wants to train safely, comfortably, and effectively.

What are the benefits of SportsRoyals?

  • Most of the towers come with a pretty low weight capacity which is a sign of lightweight materials. Sportsroyals can be used up to 400 lbs which means it is suitable for even the heaviest guys to work out safely.
  • Wobbling mostly comes from the bad design of the stabilizers at the bottom. They are too narrow or short. A 39.7-inch-long H-shaped base supports the Sportsroyals tower. With the extended steel, 8 support points are created, which provides double stability.
  • An excellent feature is an adjustable pull-up bar which we can set from 64.56″ to 88.18″. Hence, it provides a comfortable environment for any height people.

Without a doubt, this power tower is a well-design and durable piece of home gym equipment that provides an excellent workout experience for everyone. Actually, it’s a 5-star product on Amazon based on over 8800 customer reviews. And, the price tag is also excellent!

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment, 400LBS.

Product Specifications

Capacity400 lbs
Size41.2″L x 14.4″W x 64.5-88.18″H
Best forEveryone needs reliable and versatile home gym equipment for bodyweight training.
Adjustable Height6 settings from 64.56″ to 88.18″
Workout stationspull-up, dip, push up, vertical knee raise
Warranty90 days for the parts, 1 year for the frame

What are its best features and benefits?

How is the product different from the other power towers on the market?

  • Enhanced ergonomic design for vertical knee raises station.
  • Adjustable pull-up bar to fit all high people.
  • Extra strong materials for extreme weight capacity and durability.
  • The base has an innovative design that ensures the excellent stability of the equipment.
SportsRoyals Power Tower features

Ergonomic Design

Standard power towers usually come without an adjustable backrest for the vertical knee raise station. As a result, for some people, knee and leg lifts are uncomfortable because of their height. With the SportsRoyals power tower dip station, it is possible to adjust the back cushion of the power tower depending on the people’s sizes using the 7 adjustable holes (1.2″-6.7″) in the supporting tube. That gives a more comfortable environment to perform the abs exercises.

Moreover, the armrest of this dip station is slightly angled towards the inside 10 degrees to ensure that elbows don’t slip off. This gives a more stable body position during the leg and knee raises.

To simply put, the vertical knee raise station provides a practical and comfortable workout experience for your abdominal muscles. The users like this feature very much.

Adjustable height pull-up bar

adjustable pull up bar

Most power towers come without an adjustable height pull-up bar which can be annoying for people shorter or taller than average. SportsRoyals is suitable for all home fitness needs since the pull-up bar can be adjusted from 64.56″ to 88.18″. That means taller people have enough space to go down, and shorter people can easily grab the bar.

Also, the pull-up bar is multi-grip, so we can grab it from different positions to perform more types of bodyweight exercises.

Robust Structure & Height Weight Capacity

SportsRoyals power tower is made of a strong 14-gauge heavy-duty steel frame, which is finished with a scratch-resistant finish. It can support a user’s weight of up to 400 pounds and withstand long-term use. That means we don’t have to be afraid of bending or breakage. Also, thanks to high maximum capacity, we can use additional weights for the pull-up exercise. Hence, this workout station is a good choice for more advanced athletes or even commercial gyms.


Excellent Stability

stable design

The manufacturer has taken great care to make this workout equipment as stable as possible. It has a 39.7” long H-shaped base. As a result, more loading points are available. The extended steel forms eight support points for double stability and contact area. That means we won’t experience shaking and wobbling on the sides or at the front or back. That is an excellent idea! It’s not just annoying but also dangerous to work out on a shaking tower.

What are the drawbacks?

You must be very careful when you put together the tower. If you are OK with putting things together, it won’t be a problem. But, if you aren’t familiar with such a task, it’s better to ask for help. The instructional manual is a bit complicated to read.

The distance between the two uprights is 26.6 inches, and because of the tilting pads of the VKR, we even have less space between them. That means bigger guys may don’t have enough space when doing pull-ups.

Finally, the dip bars move a little bit downwards, but users say it’s acceptable and doesn’t affect the performance of the exercise.

What are the uses of Sportsroyals Power Tower? For whom is it good?

With the vertical knee raise, push-ups, dips, and pull-ups, this multi-functional power tower helps tone your upper body muscles, chest, back, shoulders, arms, and core at the comfort of your home.

Since the exercise machine is well-constructed, adjustable, and stable, it’s an excellent choice for even pro users or heavier people. It provides safe and effective training.

In a nutshell, you can do all the most effective bodyweight exercises to target all the upper body muscle groups with this 4-in1 fitness equipment. With the help of it, you can build excellent upper body strength.

What do people say about the Sportsroyals power tower?

What could be better proof than the 4.5 ratings based on almost 9000 reviews on Amazon? People love this tower!

The power tower completely feels safe to me even though I weigh 210 pounds and am 6 feet tall. Before purchasing it, I did a lot of research. I am very satisfied with my purchase and guarantee that you will also be satisfied with the quality at this price. Sturdy stuff that should last my entire life.

Probe - Read the full review.

With its solid design and comfortable construction, I’ve been able to incorporate a dip station and a leg raise into my workout routine. A few of the parts arrived damaged from shipping, and the instructions did not explain where to use the washers and what bolt to use. A new user’s manual with much more detailed instructions was sent to me immediately by customer service. They also replaced the damaged parts which arrived at me quickly.

Neil S. - Read the full review

Sportsroyals Power Tower

9 out of 10
9 out of 10
Ease of Use
9 out of 10
Look & Feel
9 out of 10
9 out of 10


Heavy-duty steel construction with safety locknuts that supports 400 lb capacity.

Adjustable height pull-up station and back pad.

Ideal equipment for all levels of fitness and people size for home gym strength training (calisthenics).

Versatile exercise equipment to strengthen the entire upper body.

H-shape base for better stability.

Excellent customer support.

Great value for the money.


Careful assembly is required.

The manual isn't easy to interpret.

Broad people may find the dip bars narrow.

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Based on the customer reviews, price and the given features I recommend the two following products.

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