Best Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Reviews

A squat rack with pull up bar is one of the best pieces of workout equipment you can have at your home gym.

The rack section gives a safe environment to perform the most beneficial compound weight lifting exercise, the squat. And, the bar provides the option to perform the king of the upper body exercises called pull up.

Here I will show you different types of items that are worth to buy and tips on what to consider when buying such a squat rack.

TOP 3 Items

Rack Best for? Reviews & Score

Fitness Reality 810XLT

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage
Everyone who is searching for an all in one equipment for at-home strength training at an affordable price. Multi-grip bar, high weight capacity, expandable with many extras.


HulkFit Squat Rack

HulkFit Squat Stand
The best half rack with two bars for pull up, and spotter arms for better safety. High weight capacity and great stability.


F2C Squat Stand

F2C Squat Stand
The cheap item which is suitable for a moderate workout. No products found.

No products found.


1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage – The Best Buy Full Rack

Fitness Reality 810XLT rack with pull up bar

My rating: | Price: $299.00



It is the winner on this list considering its price and what it provides. It is also not just my favorite but recommended by experts from Men’s Health. Let’s see why.

Firstly, the cage has a heavy-duty 2 “×2” inches tubular steel frame that supports 800 lbs. That weight limit makes it suitable for even heavy lifters and professional athletes. The chrome coated safety bars are 23″ long. And, at the front uprights, you can use the safety catches. It is compatible with 7′ Olympic barbell, but some use it with other bars.

The setup dimensions: 86.5″ L x 52″ W x 86″ H, and the safety bars can be placed in 19 levels. Such height and levels make this squat comfortable to use even for taller guys up to 6’4″. And, the opening is also wide, so we have plenty of room to walk in and out. Although, such a large footprint may not make the right choice for people having little space at home.

The pull-up post is a sort of monkey bar which provides more options for bodyweight training. You can do wide, narrow, hammer pull-ups and chin-ups. You do not need to care about the weight limit so you can use extra weight on a dip belt if you want.

Thanks to the heavy-duty mainframe, the extended stabilizers, the wide design, and the rare braces, this rack is very stable.

Finally, it can be extended with many attachments such as lat pulldown cable system, dip stand, adjustable weight bench, weight plate holders, etc.


  • Excellent price.
  • High capacity 800 lbs.
  • Monkey bar = more types of chin and pull-ups.
    Wide and tall
  • Many attachments to turn it into a complete home gym.


  • Big.
  • Assembly requires time.

To conclude Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is an excellent piece of workout equipment for everyone who has a place at home. Perfect choice for both weight lifting and bodyweight workouts.

2. Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack System – Best for moderate workouts

Body Champ PBC530

My rating: | Price: Price not available



This Body Champ squat rack is a beginner-level home gym equipment that costs just a bit more than a hundred bucks. It is not a professional rack, but an excellent choice for a moderate level trainer.

Let’s check the details.

Since it is not a full rack, the manufacturer needs to pay attention to stability. The basement is extended to the front and rare. Also, two curved braces are added to the front uprights to prevent tipping forward. At the rear, we can find weight plate storage pegs. If they are loaded, they also provide better stability. Plus, there are 4 rubberized feet. These features are enough if you lift less than 150 lb. However, it also has built-in floor anchors for maximum stability, and if you want to squat with larger weights.

The distance between the two uprights is 37″ (95 cm), so you have plenty of room at the sides if you do pull-ups. The system is compatible with 6′ and 7′ weight set bars. Thus, even if you use Olympic barbell, it extends just about 20″ inches to sides. Hence, the bar does not fall to the sides.

12 position settings are acceptable for squatting. Plus, not one, but two pairs of safety catches are included with the pack.

The chin-up bar is 82″ (209 cm) off the floor. That height is enough for taller guys. There is knurling on the bar for a stronger grip. Although it is not multi-grip pull up bar, the ends are angled giving more convenience for wide grip pull-ups.

The Body Champ half squat rack with pull up bar is made 2″ x 1.5″ steel which not the strongest. That is why the maximum is 300 lbs, and 300 lbs for the bar catches as well.


  • Affordable price
  • Compact design
  • High
  • Holes for anchoring


  • Limited weight capacity (300 lb)
  • Should be anchored

My verdict: For this price, it is a good buy, although Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack has limits. It is not made for pro athletes and heavy lifting, suitable for moderate squats. However, it is perfect to use as a freestanding pull-up stand.

3. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Stand – The Best Half Rack

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack

My rating: | Price: $282.80



Hulk equals the ultimate power, and the same is true for this squat stand. Compared to similar items, it is more robust and stable made for big lifters.

The first fantastic feature is the extremely high weight capacity which is 800 lbs. Far enough, even for the most muscular guys. Such limit is available thanks to the sturdy powder-coated steel frame and triangle lock at the bottom.

The stability is crucial for such a high capacity weight training equipment, and the manufacturer did the best to make this piece extremely stable. Firstly, it has an H-base with lengthy stabilizers extended at the front and rear. The length is 46.26 inches (117.5 cm). The width between them is 44″. So, it has a rather large footprint. Also, each end is covered with thick rubber caps to avoid moving.

Two features make this stand unique.

Firstly, it comes with two adjustable pull up bars, a thicker and thinner one, with the highest position of 81 inches. They are not textured, so workout gloves are recommended.

The second handy feature is that besides the standard J-hooks, two adjustable spotter arms are available too. They provide much safer training than short hooks, mainly if you do bench press or squatting. On one spotter arm, you can install dip bars, and you can adjust the distance between them in various positions. Not the most comfortable dipping stand, but better than nothing.

Finally, I have to mention that the assembly is a piece of cake. All the required tools are included.


  • Very high weight limit (800 lb).
  • Excellent stability.
  • Both spotter arms and J-hooks for safety.
  • 2 pull up bars in different diameter.
  • Great design.


  • Large footprint

The Hulk squat stand with pull up bar is a perfect choice for advanced trainers thanks to its gym level features. If you have enough space at your home gym, it is worth its price.

4. Titan T-2 Squat Racks – Short & Tall Versions

TITAN FITNESS Rack T-2 Weightlifting Equipment

My rating: | Price: Price not available



Titan T-2 comes in various versions, but here I focus only on the short and the tall version. The most important features are the same. The only difference between the two is the dimensions.

The short rack

The height is 71.5″ and it has a 44-inch opening, 24″ depth. The footprint is 48″ x 58″. The pull-up bar is 68.5″ off the ground.
So, it is a compact cage which is suitable for a gym in the basement or shorter people. Taller guys may find it a bit uncomfortable when doing pull-ups, though.

The tall Titan squat rack

It is 83″ high, and the pull-up bar is 80″ off the ground. The opening is 44″ with a depth of 48″. The footprint of the machine is 48″ by 48″.
If the ceiling allows, this is a better option since we have plenty of room for pull and chin-ups.

Common features

Each version is an 11-gauge steel construction that can be loaded with 700 lbs. That is not bad considering that some high-end racks that are much more expensive support also around that limit. However, those are made of 12 gauge steel so overloading is usually not a problem. To tell the truth, I would not use the Titan T-2 above the recommended limit at all. Although it is enough for most of us.

It has the necessary safety catches and J-hooks that keeps you safe while lifting weight at home. Some customers thought the safety catches look weaker than other racks have, but they are made of heavy-duty steel. You can find videos in which athletes drop hefty barbell on them, but the pressure causes nothing to the catches.

As you see this is a pure squat rack with nothing fancy, there are only two weight pegs at the rear. For better stability, and floor protection end caps are added to the bottom bars.

However, there are some useful attachments we can buy individually to expand the functionality of the rack — for example, dip bars, extra weight plate pegs. I also have to mention the Titan Fitness adjustable weight bench, which is an excellent addition to a home gym. It has high weight capacity, convenient and highly-adjustable.

The pull-up bar can be found at the front of the rack, so we have plenty of room to exercise. It is not a multi-grip bar, though.

The only thing that I do not like is that there are no pre-drilled holes for anchoring to the ground to get maximum stability. But, the users do not complain about wobbling.


  • Excellent price/value ratio.
  • Strong and simple.
  • Can be extended with various attachments.
  • Tall and short version.


  • Can’t be anchored.
  • Not a multi-grip bar.

To sum up, if you are looking for a medium level power rack with a pull-up bar at an affordable price, one of the Titan Fitness T-2 squat racks is for you. Perfect choice for at-home strength training, although the pull-up bar could be more featured rich.

5. F2C Adjustable Height Squat Cage – Under $100

F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack

My rating: | Price: No products found.



If money is a crucial factor while buying, F2C is the item for you. Of course, it is not a premium quality piece, but for a novice, maybe intermediate trainer it is suitable. Also, it is an excellent choice if you are searching for a free standing pull up bar.

The assembled dimensions are 44″ x 48″ x 83″. So, it is tall enough to pull and chin up for big guys. And it does not require much space.
On the solid steel uprights, there are 28 holes to place the J-hooks with 2″ hole spacing between them. The lowest point is 11.6″, and the highest is 75.4″. Hence, everyone can find a suitable level for squats.

The maximum limit is 550 lb of this rig. It works well with 350 pounds, but customers do not recommend to use it above that. Unless many weight plates are loaded on the rear pegs or it is anchored to the floor. Although, no premade holes are available for anchoring.



  • Cheap
  • Many adjustments for squat
  • High pull up bar


  • Light
  • Suitable for novice/intermediate training
  • No accessories are available

Without a doubt, it is not the best squat rack in the world, but its price is unbeatable. The pull-up post is perfect for bodyweight training. But you can also use it for moderate weight lifting as well.

Buying Guide for Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

This type of home workout equipment requires care while purchasing. You will use heavyweights plus exercise high. So, here are some tips on what to look for when buying one.

Weight capacity (used materials)

Generally, the higher the weight limit, the most durable rack is since stronger materials must be used to avoid flexing or breakage. Typically, lighter stands made of “weaker” elements, so they are not suitable for advanced lifting.

These racks are made of steel but with different thickness. Unless you are a powerlifter, for home workouts a 12-14 gauge steel construction will do.


Dimensions are critical to check for two reasons.

Firstly, if the rack is broad, deep, and tall enough for you. For example, for tall people, it is slightly uncomfortable if the pull-up bar is two low even if they bend their knees. Or, big guys have no space to move in and out if the opening of the squat cage is too narrow.

The other reason to check the dimensions is to know if you have enough space at home. Keep in mind that you need minimum 4-5 feet around the rack to use it comfortably. Also, check the high of your ceiling and calculate you pull yourself over the bar.


Just like the weight limit, the balance of the equipment is as essential. A tilting, wobbling, and moving rack quickly lead to a severe injury. The manufacturers design various types of basements. The H-type is maybe the most stable, but that depends on the length of the steel tubing. Also, they weld weight plate holders and add rubber feet.

I believe the best is if a squat rack is anchored to the ground, and some models come with holes for that. If not, you may drill on the tubes, but that may weaken the structure of the mainframe, and you lose the warranty. So, before doing anything, ask the manufacturer if it is recommended.

Additional accessories

Well, as you see above each model come with different accessories.

I believe, the most beneficial for a simple squat rack are the spotter arms. They catch the bar if for some reason you have to drop it. It is an excellent safety attachment. On this list, the Hulk squat rack has them. Standard cages always have safety bars.

All the other accessories are mainly for extending the functions of the rack. Typically, such tools are dip bars, extended or different hooks or weight plate holders. However, some rigs, such as the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage can be extended with a complete cable system to make your strength training even more versatile and focused.

If you are dedicated to strength training, and you have no equipment at home yet, you may better to go with an expandable machine.

How much do you want to pay?

Well, as with everything in life what you pay is what you get. No, I do not want to blame the cheap power racks because there are some outstanding ones perfect for moderate training. But, if you are a beast, you’d better invest into a more expensive and advanced rack. Otherwise, the listed machines above will do.

Why do you need a power rack with pull up bar?

Well, muscle building is a complex topic, and you do not want to get into the details too much. Instead, I tell my personal experience.

Firstly, I prefer bodyweight training because I believe that it is the most natural way to shape the body and be strong. It is enjoyable, versatile, and requires almost no exercise equipment, just a pull-up bar. The doorway bar is the least safe and not very comfortable. The pull up and dips station is a much better option. But, the best is the freestanding one since we have room to exercise. With this type of rack, you get it, plus some even come with dip bars.

The problem with bodyweight workout (calisthenics) is the few options for lower body strengthening. I know, there are single-leg exercises, such as pistol squat. But, there is no question that for leg development there is nothing better than barbell squats. With a squat stand, you can do it safely and efficiently.

And, if you get an adjustable weight bench, you can do bench presses as well.

So, with a piece of single equipment, you can do almost all the most beneficial weight lifting squat rack exercises and bodyweight exercises. Therefore, you have endless possibilities to varify your strength training routine. Therefore, your muscles have to adapt and with that develop.

To sum up, a squat rack seems to be a simple item but gives everything you need to build muscle.


What is the difference between the squat rack and power rack?

The power cage has for uprights that are connected at the top and bottom. This way, they are more stable and always have safety bars. To put it simply, they are safer, but big items. More about power racks here.

The squat stand virtually is two uprights that are linked at the top and bottom. Of course, they feature some sort of basement for enhanced stability. They are smaller than cages.

Which is better?

Well, that depends on how much space you have, the amount of weight you want to lift, price, etc. For moderate training, a squat stand will do.

Are there any alternatives?

Well for safe squats at home, you need a rack, period. For pull-ups, you can get a power tower or a doorway bar.

Where to buy?

On this list, I linked to Amazon because that is the cheapest place to buy a new one. I usually find sales. However, you can look around on bodybuilding forums as well for second-hand ones.

Can I use these rack outdoor?

They are powder coated for rust protection, but the outdoor moisture works. So, do not be surprised if, after some time, the rack will become rusty and ugly.

How to set up a squat rack?

From my personal experience, the best way to assemble a rig is not tightening the bolts totally at the beginning. I only tighten them when I stand the machine up. Plus, I always put a rubber gym mat under it. It enhances the stability and helps avoid slipping while I exercise. Check this guide.

To conclude

I hope you found the best squat rack with pull up bar for you. I know, it is an investment, but for at-home strength training, it is going to be your best friend. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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