Best Stability Ball Ab Exercises for Strong Core

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A stability ball can be a great tool to do abdominal exercises. To tell the truth, I have one but until I found this videos I had used it only for sitting on it in front of the TV. 🙂 When I first saw this video I was a bit skeptic, but after doing these core exercises with balance ball, I felt my abs really trained.

This is not the only way I train my abs, but it is definitely a good extra for my routine. I do it once or twice a week, and I do 3-4 × 14-20 repetitions of all the stability ball exercises for core mentioned in the video. I like it because I can train my lower and upper abs, obliques as well as my lower back. I usually have a 30 second rest between the exercises and I do them in sets. My wife does it as well with fewer repetitions.

One more thing, I like strength training with an exercise ball because I can concentrate on my abs seriously and it does not load my lower back at all which is my weakest point. Plus, I enjoy doing it very much.

1. Ball exercises for abs and love handles


1. Pulling Up the Ball with Stretched Legs

As you can see, you need to put the ball between your ankles and hold it tight. Then move your legs up and at the same time lift your upper body and take the ball. Concentrate on your abs and keep your legs stretched. This exercise mainly develop your lower ab and the upper ab a bit.

2. Hold the Ball and Touch It

The next is to hold the ball with your legs. The angle is about 45. Pull your upper body up and touch the ball. Concentrate on your abdominal muscles and do not let the ball go down. This movement stimulates your upper abs the best.

3. Stretching Forward

Put the ball down and put your leg on it. Then pull up your body forward the ball. Concentrate on the movement and try to achieve maximum traction. This is a great alternative for crunches.

4. Rolling the Ball
This exercise is a great technique to develop your obliques. Put your legs on it and place your arm on the ground. Your upper body must be stable. Then move the it left and right. During the motion concentrate on your obliques and use them to move the ball. The deeper you let your legs towards the floor, the better. Very efficient workout to train your obliques.

5. Twist on the Ball
You need to lay on it and put your feet on the floor. It is important to keep your feet stable. Then hold your hands out and turn left and right. Be careful, you need to hold your body stable while you do the movement. You need use your obliques seriously. Again the deeper you go, the better.

6. Pull In
This is a bit harder workout, but it is seriously a killer. Put your legs on it ball as if you make push ups. Then pull in the ball and push it back. Pull it as close as possible and then stretch your legs totally. Do not let your stomach down! This exercise train your entire abs and at the same time your chest.

7. Training Lower Back
This is an effective method to train your lower back which is crucial. Put the ball in front of you, lay on facing to the floor then place your feet on the wall. You need to push the wall rather hard and keep you body stable. Raise your upper body up as high as possible and place your hands on your neck. Great way to develop your back.

8. Work out with Ab Bench
For this work out you will need an ab bench. Lay on the ab board and fit your legs. Then take the ball with stretched arms and turn left and right. The lower the you go down, the better. This work out helps to develop your entire abs. The 3-4 sets and 10-20 reps of the mentioned exercises.

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2. Stability ball ab workout for beginners

Within this video, you can learn 5 stability ball ab exercises that are good for beginners. You need to do each of the practices for 30 seconds and do as many reps as you can do during that time. The rest between sets is just 15-20 minutes and do at least 3 rounds or more depending on your fitness level.

The first exercise is the crunch punch for which you need a pair of dumbbells. If you do not have them at home, two water bottles will do as well. Sit back with the top of your back on the ball. Plant your feet to keep your balance. Now sit up and punch. While your press the hand weights tighten your core muscles.

The next exercise is leg roll out. Place your forearms on the ball. Keep your torso straight. Lift one of your feet up. Now roll the ball back to the starting position. This move works your core very well since the ball itself makes imbalance, but because of the one foot, the core engagement is even better. You can make this exercise more challenging by rolling the ball slightly to the sides.

One leg reverse crunch. Lay on the ground and put one of your feet on the stability ball. Lift your other leg up to the air. Now roll the ball towards you while you lift your pelvis. This exercise works the lower abs and deep core muscles very well.

Reach through. Lie on the floor and put the ball between your feet. Squeeze it a little bit. Now lift your lower body up as high as you can. This is an enhanced version for floor leg raises.

Straight leg oblique crunch. The next standing exercise is excellent for strengthening your side abs. Lift the ball overhead and balance on one of your legs. Now crunch in and out on one side. The best is if your toes do not touch the floor since this way your obliques are always engaged.

3. 15 Min Abs Workout Routine

This is a 15 minute routine with several very efficient abdominal exercises. Optionally you can use a lightweight to make the exercises even more efficient.


4. Fitness ball ab workout with challenging exercises

Finally, here is a workout from Fitnessblender which is about 10 minutes. There are some movements that are really challenging.

Finally, here is a great presentation with a lot of types of exercises.

stability ball ab exercises

Core exercises on stability ball



Stability ball core exercises for seniors?

The ball is an excellent equipment for senior people to enhance their stability and balance safely. Actually, to strengthen those muscles there is no need to do intense workouts, simple moves will do. In this article you can learn more about these activities. In this article you can learn more about these exercises.

These stability ball exercises are great to have a complete abs workout at home. In 15 minutes you can strengthen your entire core. Try these moves and tell us how they worked for you.

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