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Stamina X Hyper Bench Review

    The Stamina X Hyper Bench is a valuable home exercise equipment to perform back extension exercises at home. With the help of it, you can do 45 degrees hyperextension that strengthen your core, back, glutes, and hamstring muscles. This way, you can perform better in various sports, improve your posture, and avoid lower back problems. You can also use it for sit-ups to focus more on your abs.

    stamina X hyper bench

    Since it is foldable and compact, it is also the right choice for people having only a little space at home. Or, thanks to the small footprint, you can even use the Stamina Hyper Bench at your office for a quick refreshing workout. It is easy to store and lightweight enough to take it here and there.

    And, its price is affordable as well compared to similar ab hyper benches.

    Stamina Hyper Bench
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    Stamina Hyper Bench
    Compared with other back extension machines, the Stamina X hyper bench is a fairly well-made product that’s perfect for home use. The product is both affordable and versatile. There are enough options available to do hypers effectively and strengthen the back muscles for most people.


    • Strengthen back muscles , improve core strength.
    • Lightweight, easy to store and relocate.
    • Affordable.
    • Comfortable & thickly padded vinyl upholstery and foam rollers.
    • Easy to adjust the leg length (using footrest) for different workout positions.
    • Acceptable weight limit.
    • Easy assembly.
    • It folds.


    • Not suitable for too short or tall people.
    • Acceptable wobbling under heavy people or uneven floor.

    Now let me give you a review and specifications about this Stamina hyperextension bench to find out if it is for you.

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    The item comes with rather extended rare and front stabilizers to avoid tipping to the sides. Also, oval rubber frame caps (floor protectors) can be found at the end of the bars to avoid moving and to protect the floor.

    A minimal wobbling is experienced, particularly under a heavy user or when it is used on an uneven floor or carpet. But, not so bad that it would spoil the Stamina X hyper bench exercises.


    To find the optimal setting for your height, you need to adjust the thigh support and the cushion post on the main support.

    The leg holder can be adjusted in two levels which is not that much. Users think that it would be good if more leg length positions would be available for maximum comfort.

    The cushion post can be adjusted on many levels. That compensates a bit of the only two adjustment holes for the feet support. You can change the pad quickly with the help of the adjustment knob and fix it with a securing knob.

    The Stamina X Hyper Bench is made for average high people from 5-6 feet. Because of the limited adjustability of the thigh support, taller people have to bend their knees, and shorter cannot fix their feet safely.


    The frame of Stamina Hyper Bench is made of solid steel which is painted red. It looks really nice compared to other back extension machines on the market.

    The maximum weight limit is 250 lb which is enough for most of us, although bigger guys should look for a more robust Roman chair. If you are under 200 lb, you can even use 10-20 pound dumbbells safely to add extra resistance to your back training.

    folding stamina bench


    The cushioning of the pad is thick, providing a comfortable and supporting surface while you do hyperextension exercises. However, guys may find the foam pads a bit uncomfortable since there is no place left out for the groins. However, it is a typical problem of 45-degree hyperextension benches.

    The leg holders are covered with thick foam and pivoting. They are comfortable and fix the feet while the user performs sit-ups or back extensions.

    The handrails that you can use for triceps dips or for incline push-ups, also have a foam grip for convenience and safety.

    Storage & Assembly

    Putting the Stamina Roman chair together is not a tough task. Only a few bolts needed to be tightened, and the manual is easy to follow even for a non-techie person.

    The folding mechanism is also straightforward. You just need to remove the security in from the primary support. But, the folding dimension is not so compact because of the vertical foot holder and the dipping bars.

    Here is the video about the product.

    Should you buy Stamina Hyper Bench?

    Well, if you are average high and weight and you need a home workout equipment to develop your core strength, then the Stamina X bench is worth checking out for your home gym. It gives you all the options that are required for at-home hyperextension exercises.

    However, if you are a big and advanced level athlete, I would not recommend the Stamina bench. You need something more massive than this, for example, an advanced glute-ham developer machine or the Fitness Reality Hyper bench with higher weight capacity and better adjustments for better workout intensity.

    This machine is awesome! My expectations were exceeded. My height and weight are 5ft 8in and 156 lbs, and it suits me well. I have ordered several other machines in the past, but this machine sits solidly on the floor and doesn’t tip over. It has good balance. There is a slight difference in height from the one at the gym, but it still achieves what the manufacturer says it should.

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    You are may be interested in the Marcy Roman chair which is not a 45-degree hyperextension bench, but a traditional 90 degrees one. It costs almost the same, but it provides a lengthier range of motion. If you cannot decide which degree is better, check out this post about 45 degrees vs. 90-degree bench here.

    The other alternative is Stamina Pro ab/hyper bench which comes with a fully functional sit up bench.

    My verdict

    I think the Stamina X hyper bench is a relatively well-made back extension machine which is perfect for home use. It has a good price/value ratio and pretty versatile. For most people, it gives enough options to do hypers effectively to strengthen the back muscles.

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