Effective Standing Ab Exercises to Shape Your Core

standing ab workout

If you get bored with doing the same abdominal exercises on the floor, it is time to try a standing ab workout. These moves are also useful for those who have some injuries or pain in their neck or lower back while they do floor exercises such as crunches, sit-ups etc. They are also suitable for novices who have just begun to train their abs and require some basic strengths.

Standing ab exercises are as powerful as horizontal or normal ones. We can strengthen and tone each of the abdominal muscles. You will see there are so many variations, which work your upper and lower abs, obliques and your lower back, as well. They can certainly help to get a flat stomach.

What are the Benefits of Doing Vertical Ab Exercises

  • Standing workouts train more muscles at once.
  • If you do them regularly, they will improve your posture.
  • Since we have to move more and use our entire body, we will burn more fat and calories. Standing core workouts are useful for weight loss. We could do a routine as if it was a cardio training which is essential to lose weight.
  • We can train all the main muscle groups such as arm, legs, shoulders etc.
  • There is no need to use any equipment. However, by using some tools such dumbbells, a medicine ball, kettlebells etc. we can make these drills even more efficient.
  • These workouts can be done everywhere.
  • They are suitable both for beginners and advanced trainers.
  • We can stimulate the muscles from different angles.
  • These motions train your abs on the way your body moves in the real life.
  • You can avoid injuries and neck as well lower back pain.

Floor ab exercises are essential, but combining them with stand up ones is a killer combo. Below I have collected the best 3 vertical ab workout routines to start with. You should do the movements slowly and hold the position to get the best result.

5 standing abs workout for beginners

This is a pretty good 10 minutes routine with 4 drills, which will train all parts of the core. Do 4 rounds and do each moves for 30 seconds. Rest only a little to keep your heart rate high which helps to burn fat. Great for beginners.

Details of the routine:

  • High Knee Chop x 30 seconds
  • Crunch + Straight Leg Raise x 30 seconds
  • Side to Side Punch Outs x 30 seconds
  • Side leg raise + Oblique Crunch x 30 seconds
  • Opposite Elbow to knee twist x 30 seconds

10 Minute Standing Ab Workout to Lose Belly Fat

Within this video there are 6 workouts, each one should be done for 45 seconds. You will need a weight such as a dumbbell or a medicine ball. It includes the following standing abdominal exercises.

  • Standing Pike Crunch – This is the vertical version of the crunch, but it also improves your balance.
  • Captain Morgan Diagonal Pass – For this you will need some weight which can be anything. This trains the muscles around your hips, lower abdominals and obliques.
  • Jumping oblique twist – This is excellent for strengthening obliques, but also for burning belly fat.
  • Torso Rotations – It seems simple, but it is great for the entire core.
  • High Knee Chops – Another beneficial one for burning some extra calories.
  • Waist Pinchers – It is an oblique exercise, but it also helps to improve your posture which is important for health.

Vertical Ab Routine for Toning

This is a longer routine which will train not only your abs, but definitely helps to burn fat. It includes 7 vertical abdominal exercises which should be performed 10-20 times, and there are 3 rounds. Do this routine 3-4 times a week, follow a healthy diet and you will see excellent results.

  • 15 Standing Oblique Crunches
  • 15 Bend Over Rotate
  • 15 Standing Toe Touch Crunches
  • 15 Diagonal Crunches
  • 20 X Pivots
  • 15 Bent Over Back Extensions
  • 10 Corkscrew Squats

Thanks for FitnessBlender for the last two videos.

More routines

Do you need more? Then, here are some more training to work your core with vertical moves.

Credit: darebee.com | Ab exercises while standing
vertical ab workout
Standing up exercises for a flat stomach


Vertical ab workouts can be very efficient to build a strong core and also help with burning calories. If you want to change and improve your ab training, it is time to include them in your sessions. You can learn more about belly fat burning standing stomach exercises here.