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Honest TRX Rip Trainer Review | Is It Worth to Buy?

    TRX rip trainer


    Whether you’re a beginner in the world of exercising or an athlete, TRX Rip Trainer is the best suit for your core strengthening needs. This equipment is a one in many benefits solution which will help you to build a strong core and add to your cardio workout too. Like all other TRX suspension trainers, it is one of its kind equipment which is used by top athletes and performers and has gained much importance in the world of workouts.

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    Features of TRX Rip Trainer

    • The kit comes with not just the basic equipment but a lot more for the assistance of their consumers. In the package, you will receive one TRX Rip Trainer, which is the primary equipment and can get attached anywhere quickly for usage.
    • Next in line, you get a resistance cord which is 20 pounds and works in providing enough resistance for different kinds of workouts and challenges to a strong core.
    • Then, the kit provides a safety strip to be attached to the trainer and helps in keeping the two equipment intact. This makes sure that no one gets injured during the long work-out sessions.
    • The kit also provides a door anchor which helps the trainer to get attached to any door or area quickly so you can start your workout anywhere you want. This easy portable kit comes in a classy Nylon bag and can be carried wherever you want.
    • To add to the ease of the customers, there is a DVD and instructional guide added to the kit which helps you to understand the product properly and learn which ways the product can benefit you.

    Here a few from the best TRX Rip Trainer exercises.


    Who should use this?

    This training equipment is used to developing a strong core which can further enhance the functionalities of the body and strengthens your body for workouts. The Rip Trainer is easy and can be used without the assistance of the trainer with the book of workouts provided in the TRX Rip Trainer Kit.

    This kit was originally designed for the athletes and professional workers as they need to work on their core and resistance techniques. But with the ease of usage of this equipment and the different ways this fitness equipment can be the used, trainers have started using TRX rip product in their gyms and workouts.

    Working out with a rip trainer is powerful, fun and beneficial and therefore, everyone can use it. But for athletes and professionals, this equipment is a must have in their kit. The equipment is designed particularly for this market keeping in mind their goals, their requirements and the areas which are most prone to be strengthened. Working on the core, flexibility and endurance of the athletes in just the right way is the main reason of the trainers, and this rip product is just the right trainer in itself.

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    TRX Rip Trainer is equipment which combined works on the stabilizing the core of the athlete, providing resistance to the rotations and training in coordination to other things. The rip trainer includes two main parts which are the heart of the whole training.

    There is one innovative level bar, and another is the resistance cord both of which are included in the equipment for a reason. Both these combined brings a load to the body parts of the trainee which further works in creating balance and power explosion.

    This product is best when it comes to the rotational exercises as it provides the needed resistance through the resistance cord. The various exercises also help in shed calories as the core is used in the process and to increase the endurance of the cardiovascular systems. The versatility of activities it provides engages the trainees to use it even more and in different ways possible.

    This one piece of equipment is enough for all the parts of the body.

    How does it work?

    names of rip trainer exercises

    So we understand everyone can use it and about the features of the product, but basically, how does this rod and resistance cord can help us with strong metabolism and core?

    This rip trainer can be hooked up to any area, and you are set to start your session. There are many different ways this piece can be used including that for your legs, arms, and back, shoulder and leg or legs and shoulder to count some. By various movements, you can efficiently focus the strengthening different parts of your body.

    Starting off with a simple example, you can attach the rip trainer to the fence and keep it right in front of your chest. By bending the knees, you put the pressure on your legs and start moving the rod towards and from the chest. Depending on the intensity of your work-out you can change the movement.

    A different one used by the athletes in by attaching the rod to lower part of the fence on the back and pushing the rod towards the front with full force, again depending on the intensity of the work-out. This exercise works to put the pressure on your arms when you try to push the cord in the front direction while the other part is attached to the back.

    Rip trainer can be used in a variety of different ways where different body parts can be engaged depending on which part do you or your trainer feel the need for. Due to many different ways this product can be used, this adds to the effectiveness and fun element of it. The trainee can himself try coming up with a different approach to using it.

    Here are a few TRX Rip Trainer workouts from the creator and here is a great interval workout routine (HIIT)


    How to Install TRX Rip Trainer

    The hook is flexible and tight and therefore, you can easily attach to it anywhere you want to. This can be a door handle or a fence or tennis or basketball court. There is no one place you have to be to use your rip trainer. This made flexible enough to carry easily and hook up immediately.

    If you’re trying hard to get your core straight and strong, go ahead and buy this effective workout equipment which can help you achieve wonders.

    One of the best equipment on the market that provides wide range of core exercises, but you can train other muscle groups perfectly as well. Versatile and can be used almost everywhere.

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