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10 Unusual and Hard Abdominal Exercises

On this website, I have already shared a lot of types of ab exercises that you can do without or without fitness equipment. However, in this post I would like to share some unique movements for working your core.

It does not mean you will get six pack abs just because you do these activities. You must not forget the fact that you need to get rid of the fat covering your tummy first, which is almost impossible by doing only abdominal exercises. For that, you should consume the right things and may do cardio for burning extra calories.challenge-yourself

On the other hand, it is recommended to change your routine a bit regularly that may help to stimulate the muscles better and to make it more exciting.
Since these moves are rather hard, you may use them to challenge yourself.

For example, when I began working out about a year ago I was not able to do a single hanging leg lift. Therefore, I set up a goal that I would be able to do five perfect leg raises within three months. To reach my goal I trained my core harder with usual ways.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you doing the same. Pick one or two from the unusual ab exercises below.

If you are not a beginner, then you can include some of the workouts below to make your abs routine more challenging.

Now let’s see my top 10 list.

1. One Arm Ab Wheel

In my opinion, the ab wheel is one of the most useful equipment for core workout. Doing perfect roll in and out with two arms is hard, but this guy uses only one! An advanced move that requires a powerful core muscles.

2. Human Flag Oblique Crunch

The human flag is one of the most well-known calisthenics moves which needs strong shoulders, core and arms. It is hard to do!

But this guy does not think so! He does oblique crunches from that position. That is what I call an oblige workout!

3. Human Flag Bicycle

Bicycle crunch is excellent, but doing it from a human flag? Amazing!

4. Hanging Sit Ups

When I was a boy, I used to watch those films from Hongkong in which the heroes, such as Jackie Chan, did this move. It looks not only good, but it is efficient as well. I have tried it on my workout station, but I almost fell off.

5. Front Lever

Front lever is another typical calisthenics ab exercise which has several variations. Besides the entire midsection, it strengthens the upper body completely.

6. Dragon Flag

Dragon flag is one of my favorite core exercises which has several variations. Bruce Lee always used this move to work his abs.

7. Ultra Plank

Planks are perfect to work your entire core, and you can boost them a bit if you place your leg against the wall and you are in a push up position. It is excellent for strengthening the upper body as well.


8. Atomic Swings

MMA fighters do this movement for upper body training, but it is especially useful for working the midsection.

9. Spiderman Walkout

It is one of the activities that I have just put into my routine. I love it! It is a sort of combination of planking and the ab wheel move.

I try to go as far as possible and keep the position in the end for about 5-10 seconds.

10. TRX Ab Extension

Simple, yet efficient TRX ab exercise. The deeper you go, the harder it is.

What’s next?

As I mentioned before these exercises are not magical moves that are going to make you six pack abs. However, they work the abdominal muscles incredibly. If you want to try something new include one or two in your routine.

What do you think about these moves?
Do you know other hard core exercises?
Share with us below!

If this post helped you, it will help others, share the love! 🙂

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