Best Upper Abs Exercises & Workouts for Perfect Top Abdominal Muscles

upper abs workout

In this post, you will find the best upper abs workout videos I found. In my point of view, raining one particular part of the abdomen is not the best idea. Training the entire midsection is the key if we want to achieve a great looking abdominal. Training only one section may result unsymmetrical stomach or that over-trained section will be stronger than the others.

On the other hand, there are cases when we want to strengthen one part of the core better than the others because of its general weakness or we want to make it more toned.

There are some really good upper abs exercises that can bring fast results. In my point of view, training the upper rectus abdominis is the easiest (for me at least).

Below you can find  the best exercises and routines.

Intense upper abs workout


This is my favorite workout of this kind. It includes Jack knife, which is excellent for upper and lower abs, and since it is an intensive kind of exercise, it helps with belly fat burning, as well.

Crunch with weight is another killer. Squeeze you muscles as hard as you can, control the motion and push your chest as high as your can.

I’m a big fan of stability ball I like using it for my workout plans as it trains muscles that are responsible for body stability. Roll that ball in front of you, keep your body stable. This is a great alternative for the ab wheel. You can checkout a routine using this equipment here.

Butterfly crunch is new for me as well, but I tried it, and it is great! It is useful to make your routines diverse.

Cable crunch


If you want to use a machine to develop the upper part of your abs, cable machine is a great tool. The advantage of it is that you can increase or decrease the resistance by using lighter or heavier weights.

Why it is better than standard crunches is that, it allows full lengths movement, and trains lower back. It is crucial to keep the position of your upper body while you do cable crunching. Your back must be straight and do not use your arms!

You can do this upper abs training in a standing position or by kneeling. Maybe kneeing is easier at first.

Sprinter Exercise

This is a rather hard, yet efficient motion to train those upper muscles. Keep in mind that you have to control the motion to get the results. You have to keep your back straight and focus on your ab muscles.


Using TRX

TRX is a very powerful fitness equipment to train your abs, and the body saw exercise is especially effective for engaging upper abs muscles. Anyway, you can find several abdominal workouts with TRX here.


Using Decline Bench

If you have a sit up bench at home there are wide variety of workouts you can do to train the upper part of the abdomen. One exercise is to do sit ups or to make it even more efficient, you can use a weight such as a medicine ball.


Use Ab Wheel

Finally, you can use your ab wheel. The simple roll in and out movement trains trains the entire core very efficiently. Find out why ab wheels are so good here and here is the review of the best ab wheel available today.


Fitness Ball Crunches

Crunches are pretty good for toning upper abs, but by using a Swiss ball you can make this exercise even more efficient.


Workout Routines

This workout contains various crunches with weight, but legs are always raised is different positions. This way abdominal muscles are worked better, moreover besides obliques, upper, lower abs is trained.


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If you want to get big and popping out muscles, then try this routine.


What about pain after workout?

If you have pain in your abdominals, that means you did the exercises well. If you can do a lot of repetitions without having pain in your stomach, that means you perform the workout improperly. To get rid of that abdominal pain do stretches after the workout and have 1-2 days rest between your training for recovery.


As you see, there are a wide variety of exercises to make your upper abs stick out. However, do not do only these upper abs workouts during your training sessions, integrate two or three which you like the best. And never forget you need to do cardio and take in proper nutrition if you want six pack abs.


The top of my abs is OK, but how can I work my lower abs and obliques?

If you ask this question in that case you are on the right way to get attractive tummy. Many people neglect lower abdominal muscles and obliques, however they are very important. Here are many lower ab workouts and here you can find workouts for obliques. Also, pay attention to your diet and do cardio workouts to lower the your body fat to have your muscles visible.