Which are the Worst Foods for Belly Fat

If you want to get an attractive tummy, it is important to know which are foods to avoid losing belly fat. Most of us know which are those foods which help to get rid of that fat covering the stomach and what sorts of exercises are must be done.

However, all of our efforts are useless if we still have the foods and drinks which are responsible for the abdominal fat which can cause several serious diseases.

In this list, you can find information about which are drinks and foods to stay away from to lose belly fat. These are the typical foods that increase belly fat we consume almost daily.

I have already gotten rid of most of them and with a proper workout, I have been able to lose at least 20 cm from my waistline. So, I heartily recommend getting rid of these.

Which foods cause belly fat?

1. Sodas – Lot of hidden sugar

In the first place, I would put soda as it contains a lot of sugar which is the main source of useless calories. I know, there are diet alternatives, but those ones are also full of artificial ingredients, sweeteners that have numerous undesired impacts on health.

The worst is that the more soft drinks you drink, the more you want. Plus, we usually have cola with other junk foods.

What is the best alternative to sweetened beverages?

Drink water or flavor it with some homemade fruit juice. Personally, I sometimes add some lemon to my water and I drink green tea.

2. Foods High In Trans Fats (saturated fat)

These are definitely the worst foods that contribute to belly fat and bloating, but these are the ones we consume almost daily. Typically, processed foods are rich in this really unwanted component.

Fortunately, the producers have to display on the labels how much trans fat can be found in the product. So, before shopping for anything, check the label.

It has been proved by hundreds of researchers that hydrogenated fats can cause a lot of diseases, from cancer to heart diseases.

Which foods are rich in trans fats? For instance, margarine is often advertised as a healthy food.

What is the alternative? There is not! You should avoid these processed foods as much as possible, which is not easy, I know.

Try to eat more foods that are high in unsaturated fats such as olive oil, fish, nuts, etc.

3. High Fat Diaries

While diaries such as milk and cheese contain a lot of protein and other beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, they are also full of saturated fats.

Saturated fats are among those fatty acids which can be responsible for a fat generation.

I have read on some websites that for weight loss getting rid of dairies is crucial. However, I do not agree. Once because these products contain a lot of beneficial nutrients and secondly because our body needs saturated fats in the right quantity as well.

Therefore, I have these foods in my diet, but I consume low-fat ones and I have them in moderation. I also pay attention to eating non-processed products. Unfortunately, most of the cheeses these days are highly processed which is really bad.

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4. Alcohol

First, I have to say I used to be a beer lover but since I changed my lifestyle I consume far less. The fact is that most alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar and alcohol slows down the body fat-burning process.

In my opinion, the healthiest alcoholic drink is wine, as it is lower in calories and it even has several positive effects on health.

5. Refined Grains

White pasta, bread, rolls, and white rice are among foods to avoid reducing belly fat, but we consume them almost daily. Of course, these foods look much better than their brown alternatives, but all the goodies have been taken out from them.

What is the difference between refined and whole grains?

During the process from the whole grains, they remove the bran and germ, which are really beneficial nutrients. That is why the refined grains (for example white wheat) are whiter and may taste better, but far more unhealthy. These products support body fat generation.

What you should eat?

Simply, whole grain products, but be careful since some producers stuff these products with trans fats. Again, check out the label before buying anything.

6. What do you eat for breakfast?

Muffins, doughnuts, and other sweet things with a cup of coffee? Then get rid of them if you want to lose fat! These meals contain tons of calories from low-quality carbs, fats and they are usually highly-processed ones.

7. Salads rich in toppings

What? Salads are bad!? Yes, if they are poured with tons of low-quality dressings. Most of the dressings you buy from the shop are bad for your health as they contain a lot of sugar, fat, and other undesired components. A salad like that will never help you to lose weight. Make your own topping from high-quality ingredients and bio greens that contain a lot of fiber.

8. Fast food!

No matter if it is promoted as the healthiest piece of hamburger in the world, you must be sure that it is full of bad things. Fast foods are usually made with a lot of oil to fry, they contain a lot of salt and unwanted carbohydrates.

Instead of popping into a buffet make your own hamburger using whole grain bun, lean meat, and bio veggies.

9. Crisps and chips.

It is so satisfying to crunch on something in front of the TV, but that is why there are so many fat people in modern countries. 95% of these foods are low-quality ones made from bad ingredients. If you want to get a flat tummy, forget them!


As you see most of the drinks and foods which we have daily cause belly fat. But, getting rid of these things is not as hard as it seems. You have to change your eating habits and you will get used to it sooner than you think. Healthy eating is the first step of wellness and weight loss.

Decent nutrition helps not only to have a flat abdomen, losing weight but is also crucial for your health. On top of that, it boosts your workouts and fitness level.

Do you know other worst foods to eat for belly fat?