Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain During Ab Workouts?

lower-back-painMany people complain about lower back pain during and after doing abdominal exercises. I used to have, but I found out why. There are mainly three reasons why it happens.

The first is there are some ab exercises that put more tension on the lower part of the back. These can be sit ups, crunches or Russian twists.

It is crucial while you do these sorts of workouts, your lower back must be as close to the floor as possible. You can help yourself by putting a pillow under your back, but the aim is to learn how to do these exercises in the right way.

There are several other exercises that do not put so much stress on your back, for instance, knee or leg raises on the floor or bars. I always do these workouts, and I have never had any pain. On top of that, they are really efficient.

The next problem that may cause problems is the improper performance of the exercises. It is necessary to concentrate on the motion, do it slowly, use your abdominal muscles and do not use momentum. An badly-performed move can damage your back.

If you are a beginner, spend time on learning how to do the workouts correctly and start with ones you can do easily and comfortably. Then go to harder ones. Doing ab exercises properly is not just critical to avoid injury, but also to get better results.

The best equipment to strengthen your lower back at home? – Get a Roman chair

The last thing you must do is to strengthen your lower back. These muscles are essential for proper posture. The reason of injuries and back pain comes from that these muscles are usually weak.

I did not use to care about low back training, and I had pain. Then, I read a lot about this problem, all the experts suggest training it. Firstly, I was skeptic a bit, “Won’t it bad if I train these muscles? Wouldn’t it be better to use them as less as possible?”

I found the answers to these questions myself. I started doing exercises such as hyperextension, Superman and various activities on a stability ball. After a few weeks, my pain disappeared, and I could do ab workouts more accurately. Now I use a Roman chair to the hyperextension. It is better since it provides a full range of motion.

Here is a great infographics with several exercises that help to avoid and cure the pain. As you can see using a hyperextension bench is suggested to do the hyperextension exercise which is a very efficient move. You can also find some stretching activities.

And finally here are some stretching exercises.

[youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29RJaiZ2TSo” width=”700″ height=”560″ autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes”]


No matter what sorts of training you do, you use your these muscle groups all the time, so it is vital to strengthen it. For the question how to get rid of lower back pain during ab exercises, my answer is: strengthen it and do the ab workouts correctly.

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