Top Yoga Ab Workouts and Exercises

If you want to get strong and flat stomach you need to combine different exercises, one way is to do yoga ab workout. To tell the truth, I’m rather new with yoga, but since I like trying out new things, I have dug myself into this topic. I have to say yoga is more than just a method to relax, it is excellent for improving flexibility and balance, to get rid of back pain, strengthen muscles.

The well-known abdominal exercises can help you to build strong and attractive core, but they reduce the flexibility of your midsection. (However, with stretching you can avoid it.) By performing yoga ab exercises, you can keep the flexibility of your midsection and at the same time strengthen and tone your entire stomach.

It is true that with yoga, you will not be able to build six pack abs, but these types of movements are healthy for your spine and for keeping the proper posture. I have just read an article that because of doing so many crunches, many people suffer from spine and lower back

In addition, most of the yoga poses requires good balancing, which is especially beneficial to work the core. Besides, they help to strengthen not only abdominal muscles, but others such as hips, arms, shoulders, chest and legs as most of them are bodyweight activities.

Finally, they encourage to reduce stress, belly fat and no equipment is required.

Overall, yoga is excellent to flatten and strengthen abs. You can do just yoga core workouts or you can integrate them into your routines.

Below I have collected some of the best routines I have discovered. It is essential to perform the movements correctly and to focus on your breath.

Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning, For Flat Stomach & Abs

This is a 16 minute workout not just for strengthening the core, but the whole body. It even helps to burn fat. This routine is great for beginners.

Yoga Workout for Abs

This workout includes many core strengthening yoga moves such as planks. This routine lasts for 10 minutes and it is excellent for flattening your stomach.

Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Abdominal Workout

Within this video, you can see some exercises and get information on how to utilize yoga for exercising your midsection.

Workout: Abs Like Nina Dobrev

In this video fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise presents you how to do a yoga routine for increasing core strengths. It is a 15 minute routine with different exercises.

Yoga Ball Ab Exercises

I have already shared a post here about how you can train your abs using a stability ball. This video includes several other exercises. I apply a fitness ball regularly for my core workouts as it helps to strengthen abdominal muscles very efficiently. Besides, stability ball workouts help to stimulate muscles which are responsible for proper posture.

More Moves You can Try


And finally here is another routine with efficient poses and movements.



To sum up yoga ab workouts with proper diet and some other cardio can help you to get flat stomach. If you have not tried any before, it is time. You will see how enjoyable and efficient they are.



What do you think about these yoga ab workouts?
 Are they good enough to flatten stomach? Share, your opinion below.

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